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Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!

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2021-02-23: Bonuses (Events)
Only from 23th until 24th of February reboot:
  • Religion exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards gold x1.5
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • You can summon "Old" pets

2021-02-13: Valentines Day (Events)


2021-02-10: Changing recipes (Updates)
Some recipes have been changed. Details here

2021-02-08: Clickers (Updates)
Dear players, we remind you that the use of clicker programs, for example, to automatically drink potions, is prohibited by the rules of the game. We are regularly updating our search algorithms for similar programs and our latest iteration of the search algorithm found massive clicker use by players from all active combat alliances. We will be forced to apply penalties to characters who use clickers. Please refrain from using them.

2021-01-27: Quests (Updates)
Updated and included some quests. You can go through them again. See the full list in this forum thread.

2021-01-25: Antidotes (Updates)
Warning! Antidotes are now used regardless of whether your character has the Tranquilization effect or not.

1) The winners in the competition for Decorating the Christmas Tree:
  • 10 players will receive 25 lottery tickets: VVP, Nemaa, Forrestgump, - G R U T -, Dave83, Kakarot, Garraj, Temperance, CIIAPTAK, _SAMURAI_
  • 5 players will receive 40 lottery tickets and 1000 mogash marks: DEATH NOTE.com, Woodju, _DoppelgangeR_, Mllm, Jhrec
  • The 1 player who brings the most Confetti will receive 2000 Platinum and an annual premium subscription to PVP and PVM at the same time: Het (495 Confetti)
2) The following players receive gifts for PVP:
  • 10 players will receive 10 lottery tickets: AntiKid, KOT_V_SAPOGAH, Baton, Roman99, Mystique, AntiKid, Undefined, Undefined, Mllm, _DoppelgangeR_
  • 5 players will receive 15 lottery tickets: Niko.ua, Mystique, Audi s, Kenpachi Zaraki, iiMerk
  • 3 players will receive 25 lottery tickets and 500 platinum: Larimar, Fillip, Asteroid
  • 1 player wins and receives 25 lottery tickets, 1500 platinum and 3 months PVP subscription: Undefined
You can watch the video with the determination of the winners HERE

2020-12-31: Happy New Year! (Events)
Congratulations to all on the coming 2021s! In honor of this holiday, the following bonuses are included on today to January 3: x1.5 religion and clan experience, x2 experience of professions, experience from bulletin boards, experience from monsters, x2 damage to monsters. Happy holidays and good luck in the new year!

P.S. - we added Remove Cooldown (12 items) and Sanctuary not Dispelled (15 min) to lottery!

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

  • Recently updated quests have increased rewards. You can execute them again
  • Updated quests that were previously issued in the City in the Clouds (more than 20 quests). Most of them now give Sapphires. You can do them again. Details in this thread on the forum
  • In Ancient China, peaceful zones at the gates and in the 1st court have been removed. Scroll shop moved to Heavenly Office
  • Fixed bug with catching anchors in PVM subscription and with setting traps and mirrors in PVP subscription
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the position in the tournament rating with the same number of TP

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Flame River
20:47 01/03
Twilight Bay
00:32 02/03
Last Harbor
17:42 01/03