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Setup file: Revision (Size: 12 Mb)

Binary-only: Revision (Size: 14.1 Mb)

Change Log
  • Added highlighting of commands in the chat;
  • Fixed a bug due to which, when entering numbers in some windows, the items of the top row in the backpack were used;
  • Fixed bug with saving open windows;
  • Fixed button for opening tickets;
  • Updated seasonal emoticons;

  • You can cancel all active wars with one click;
  • The client saves and restores open windows;
  • It is forbidden to pinch the keyboard keys of the upper row of the inventory;
  • When you click on the effects in the main window, the effects window opens;
  • Changed display of life, manna, experience and money;
  • Changed the order of buttons at the bottom of the main window;
  • When stretching horizontally, new buttons appear at the bottom;
  • In the effects window, you can now set the effects that will be displayed in the main window of the game;
  • Added different colors of alchemy shops, depending on the currency for which they trade;
  • On the map, the icon of combat and religion guilds has been changed;
  • Now you can stretch the main game window horizontally;
  • The Crop button has been added to the Log Viewer window. It leaves only messages with the specified phrase in the search results. The rest of the messages are deleted;
  • Chats 18+ and Trading can be enabled in the main window;
  • You can write to chat 18+ by selecting an item in the menu on the left like any other chat (without using a special button);
  • In the main window, the message input field is now the same as in the chat window;
  • Quests from bulletin boards are now always at the top of the list of quests;
  • The "Route to tracked quest" button appeared in the quest window and the map window;
  • Fixed bugs in the guild redistribution window;
  • Removed experience bars under the location picture;

  • Added display of solo zones;
  • Added sound when the connection is broken;
  • Added 5th and 6th set of items in inn;
  • Updated seasonal emoticons;

  • Fixed loading pictures of locations;
  • Updated seasonal emoticons;
  • Updated world map;

  • Map updated;

  • The updated Element Index is returned in the map window;
  • In private stores, you can now set a limit on the purchase of certain items;
  • Removed support for the past global event;
  • Minor changes and fixes;

  • Support for https-versions of sites;
  • New seasonal emoticons;
  • Support for a new event;

  • Now you can lock the slots in the inventory from "sell all" in stores
  • Fixed a bug due to which the “Brew” button “sometimes stuck” in the laboratory
  • Minor changes in the Bank window
  • Fixed a bug with empty chat messages
  • Now you can close windows by pressing the Esc button in some windows
  • Fixed a bug in the inventory, because of which sometimes the currency panel did not appear;
  • Correct closing of the client in case of loss of connection or server reboot;

  • Added chat 18+;
  • In the list of players, sorting by clan now sorts by alliances and clan names within the alliance;
  • Changed seasonal smiles;
  • Increased the number of smiles in one message;
  • Fixed creating tickets for the English language;
  • Fixed the formula of the religious level 95-100;

  • Now you can add items to Favorites. In shops and inns there was a filter by favorites;
  • Being in a group, you can hold CTRL and click on the enemy to indicate to the whole group whom to attack;
  • Added New Year's emoticons;

  • The window for accepting quests has been enlarged;
  • Message ignored characters are now not visible, even if they are hidden from the lists;
  • The cost of the Doppelganger service has been updated;

  • The "Battle chat in a separate window" became available in the Steam client;
  • In the Steam client appeared Service Shop;
  • In the Bulletin Board window you can now select the reward for the quests you buy;
  • In the map window, entering the location number is always active. You can go to the entered point by pressing Enter;
  • Element List in the map window now contains the base of regions by kingdom;
  • The status of Element List in the map window is now saved correctly;
  • Almost all windows are now closed by the ESC button;
  • On "Powerup" button, the number of Grindstones and Catalysts is shown in thousands;

  • Fixed bug with scroll in inventory;

  • Updated the left panel in the map window. Removed closed and added missing regions;
  • Added button to increase the backpack window;
  • Chests without a choice are now used immediately without a selection window;
  • Added support for advanced training;

  • Tag like # 1998 in the chat paves the route to the specified point;
  • Added new smilies;
  • Added emoticons with location icons and other game icons;
  • Added the ability to set sounds on chat beacons (added standard sound);
  • Updated map in two languages;
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the names of locations of the saved map for the English language;
  • Minor changes and additions;

  • Support endless study of cults in the guild window and in the religion reset window;
  • In the magic window menu, the item "Add 10 to macro" appeared;
  • After starting training, a small story is shown to the players;
  • Fixed formula for required gold and experience to level;

  • Introducing support for World PVP solo mode;
  • Experience and level requirements were brought in line with the new formulae;
  • Improved the hints that display when advancing in guild levels;
  • Sign Up button has been re-added (Microsoft Store requirement) and will now open the website registration page;
  • Improved fonts in the Quest Window.

  • Now you can hide the effects in separate effects window and in players hints;
  • Now you can copy stickers into the code for the forum;
  • Added clones hints in the "star" window;
  • Changed avi for Doppelgangers;
  • Fixed line wrapping bug after copying the logs in BB-codes and HTML;
  • Fixed list displaying bug in the "Mentors" window;

  • Fixed saving of sorting of the list of players;
  • Ability to abandon training added;

  • Added a new type of list of players sorting: by Religion Level (without sorting by religion types);
  • In the client settings, an item is added, when enabled, the roulette icon will be shown only when the maximum of tickets is filled;
  • The opportunity to buy tickets from the roulette window is added;
  • The roulette mode "Quick game" became even faster;
  • Fixed loading of roulette prize pictures;
  • Added tips to roulette prizes;
  • Fixed client errors for players 397+ levels;

  • The characters' hints in the rminimazed list "Who is near"is movedto the left (from below);
  • Minor bugfixes.

  • Support the Roulette;
  • Chat now supports links like https://;
  • Links in the chat and other windows (except the login window) are now opened in your default browser.

  • PT REBORN support;

  • You can throw out any stack of things from the backpack by double click with the pressed 'Alt' key;
  • You can choose the chat beacon position in the settings: left or right side of the chat window;
  • The reverse timer after log in the game is removed;
  • The other players displaying process on the map is optimized. Lags should be significantly reduced in the cities;
  • Fixed a bug with the macros disappearance after learning lessons in guilds;
  • Fixed a visual bug with displaying the number of gold in the exchanger;

  • The correct operation of the new siege outbid system;
  • Added the amount input window for clan warehouse gold (you can enter a large amount), when you click the "Outbid" button;
  • Support the new Stalker mode;
  • Ability to save up to 4 backpack sets in the inn;
  • Fixed some bugs with incorrect chat messages.

  • Solved the problem, when sometimes you can bought excessive items in shops
  • We have slightly optimized chat flow during the battle;
  • Reduced the hard drive load;

  • Added ability to save up to 2 sets of currently carried inventory items in the Inn / Bar area. The players can use these to save and then quickly retrieve the items, or replenish the current inventory from Inn or Bar;
  • When replacing, selling or buying items, and when dragging items with CTRL held the window to enter count of item will now additionally have the picture of the item;
  • It should now be an option to dismiss mentor after reaching 200 character combat level (not possible previously). This update is planned to be gradually released during the next 3 days after the client version release;
  • The Acorns will again take place of the Halloween Pumpkin;
  • Added "Burn All" context menu option to every Furnace in existance.

  • Fixed the autowalk in "Hidden from lists" mode;
  • The quest window no longer closes while walking;
  • Other minor fixes;

  • Added support for Titles in client application;
  • Fixed an issue with item entries jumping around when entering Shops;
  • Fixed an issue with price display of damaged items;
  • The automap will be covered up when in Tournament areas;
  • Fixed a number of issues that allowed to discern identity of doppelgangers and tournament participant;
  • Added some Genie's helpful tips for beginner players (below 50 level)

  • Added ability to search the Recipe List;
  • Added Chat Trackers to improve chat filtering. Chat Trackers allow to only display messages that match the tracker;
  • Fixed a display issue with the cost to create a clone;
  • Added a new location type support: "Under siege";

  • Introduced the changes necessary for the removal of level cap;

  • Fixed an issue with Health and Mana display when clan bonus is active;
  • Fixed an issue with key bindings getting lost when switching clones;
  • It should now be possible to gain a level in an Order without having the cash on your character;
  • Fixed an issue when subscription-based Antibiotic potions weren't displayed to afflicted characters;
  • "Pink" social message type will no longer be accompanied with a sound by default;
  • Added ability to search in the interfaces of Inn, Clan Storage, regular and Private Shops;

  • Added support for new bouquets;
  • Added hotkeys saving for macros and spells for different clones;
  • Removed button "Renew Backpack";
  • Minor fixes and changes.

  • Added support for first bid in sieges;
  • Added new mode "Lone Wolf".

  • Support of displaying quest NPCs on the region map;

  • Fixed the dwarven parametrs displaying after previous updates;
  • Preparations for actual changes in map protocol.

  • Incorrect hint displaying in chat is fixed;
  • Halloween skin is removed;

  • It is no longer possible to use items in a backpack using the the Shift button;
  • Enhanced protection against mouse and keyboard emulation programs;

  • Fixed pets guilds;
  • Oppotunity to send 5 smileys/items/clan badges instead of 3;

  • Fixed language in "combat chat in a separate window";
  • Fixed errors when closing a window during the restart or connection loss;
  • In the English version opens the English artifact store;

  • Fixed Reborn
  • Fixed the list of players

  • Support Rebon;
  • Support for a new system of artifacts;
  • New guilds (Orders);

v Beta
  • Background music volume settings is added;
  • Now the game client doesn't give opportunity to buy items until the entire range will be loaded;
  • Progress bar of objects loading in private shops is added;

  • Added the correct displaying of the some items under the effect of "Mumps";
  • Added a message if a new bulletin board is empty;
  • Removed New Year smiles;

  • Added support for a new type of sieges;
  • Added option to outbid the siege;
  • Fixed a bug with selected religion guild;
  • Fixed errors in the advisor’s work;
  • Fixed a bug with a clan, which the game client does not know;
  • Fixed a bug that caused to the client crash;

  • Fixed build advisor for drow race;
  • Fixed advisor work in guilds;
  • Removed snow;
  • Added support for different characters paper dolls (check for details in future news);

  • Chat trackers are added. Can be set in options;
  • Build Advisor is added in guild window;
  • The warning message (3 days before) for extended backpack subscription is added;
  • Fixed an auto answering bug;
  • Answerback saves up to 10 messages now;
  • Fixed indices in private shops;
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause incorrect purchases in private shops;
  • Fixed inventory window position restoration if left side of it gets collapsed;
  • Many minor changes and additions.

  • Added support while getting a large amount of achievements at the same time;
  • The owners of private shops can move goods at any place, and also change goods’ place holding ‘ctrl’;
  • Adapted the hotkey control window;
  • Added the snow in the picture of location (except the buildings). For disabled it use ‘\snow’ command;
  • Added New Christmas smiles;

  • The name of the store which you have gone is shown;
  • Items in a private store displayed in the order that the owner has decided;
  • Shop owners can sort the items by dragging from place to place (in test mode);
  • Dice game is added;
  • Fixed a bug with sending messages using the Ctrl, Shift, Alt;

  • The amount of possible uses is shown in recipe book;
  • The items hints were added to Recipe Book;
  • Double-click at the items image in the description of the recipe (in Recipe Book): copy the object code;
  • The confirmation window is added to "forget" function in Recipe Book;
  • Fixed "runaway" windows with non-standard desktop;
  • Fixed the display of learned lessons while forgetting the first lesson in the guild;
  • The items displaying is added to the chat (no more than 3 in one message);
  • Added "Copy Code" in the pop-up menu at any item;
  • Removed Halloween smiles;
  • The algorithm of image loading is changed;
  • Items filter is added to the Inn;
  • Fixed names displaying after quest finishing;
  • Fixed doppelganger displaying on the map;

  • New window "Recipe Book" is avaible in a backpack;
  • Laboratory window is adapted for the reciepe book;
  • Broken buttons Magic and Achievements are fixed;
  • Add "Halloween Smiles";

  • Updated map of the City in Clouds;
  • Fixed map bug in Diamond Fever and Pacman quests;
  • Now you can order ‘religion change’ in the Religion Guild window. First change is free;
  • Added new recipes to create wands, modified items etc .;
  • Fixed private shops for the owners;

  • Player List Window is disabled;
  • Button that has opened a list of players now opens the chat window;
  • The chat window can be minimized, leaving a list of players will be displayed in the main chat window;
  • Search is always visible in the chat window;
  • Map closed by default. But you can open it, choose the appropriate option in the settings window;
  • Map window can now be resized;
  • Fixed an issue with the gray square instead of the map window;
  • General Store window completely redesigned. New filters available to choose the level and type of items;
  • In the shop window added "my sales" where you can buy out accidentally sold items;
  • Guild window is completely redesigned;

  • New quest engine support;

  • Price in stores is divided by spaces into categories (eg 1 000 000);
  • The bank amount is also divided by spaces into categories;
  • You can can store in bank more than 1 billion of gold now;
  • You can conduct transactions in amount of more than 1 billion of gold now;
  • Fixed private shops with more than 1 billion of gold transfer;
  • In the "Guild" window the correct amount to the next level is shown;

  • Added a list of your tickets at the game client;
  • Correct translation in game client;
  • Correction of server messages translation;
  • Ingame registration (test feature);

  • You can create and browse tickets in the client now.
  • You can also chat with the administrator in real time using the HelpOnline.
  • Fixed numerous bugs and improved stability.

  • Pet guild now allows leveling up 50 levels at once;
  • Fixed an encoding bug which did not show some symbols properly;
  • Fixed a bug regarding loss of connection to the server;
  • Various other bugfixes.

  • New server IP;

  • Added tutorial support;

  • Recruits can be given access to clan bar to place item in bar
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect pet experience showing
  • Removed city protection dialog
  • Added snow to the location image
  • New hint system

  • Holiday (Halloween) avatars;
  • Officers-in-charge should now be able to kick clan members;
  • Officers-in-charge and clan leaders got the ability to demote clan members to recruits;
  • While declaring a war with clan it should now be possible to select the clan from a drop-down list;

  • Bug-Fixes;

  • New sounds added, sound settings page changed. Now any sound can be turned off;
  • Quest tracker support added;
  • Currency panel added to backpack;
  • Platinum cannot be sold to bank anymore;
  • Shop window altered.

  • Expandable bag slots added (off at the moment);
  • Paid pet renaming implemented in game client;
  • Shops, inns and bars now use scroll mode instead of page switching (press right mouse button and scroll);
  • Up to 10 spell macros are available to players;
  • Changes in spell window;
  • Fixed players list scroll bug in chat window;
  • Fixed ring equipment bug (hand names were mirrored).

  • The "Free" button on the main panel has been replaced by "Achievements" (the system itself will be implemented very soon);
  • When in a fight the Movement Panel "Stealth" button is replaced by "Flee" button;
  • It is now possible to press "Enter" on keyboard to press the BREW button while perusing Laboratoriy services;
  • It is now possible to toggle the sounds on and off from the Login screen of application;
  • Fixed an issue with reconnect form while the server is not available (e.g. restarting).
  • Removed the obsolete ? button from the mini control panel.

  • Completely reworked the laboratory window;
  • Added support of new clan system;
  • Instead of “Flee” button added “Achievements” (will appear later);
  • In battle, movement arrows will disappear and will be replaced by “Flee”, “Use tranquilizer”, and “Use antidote” buttons;
  • On the buttons labeled "Power Up", “Use tranquilizer”, “Use antidote”, you will see the amount of items available;
  • In laboratory, pressing “Enter” will be similar to pressing “Brew”
  • You can now turn off client sounds in logging in window;
  • Removed Christmas-themed smileys and client theme;
  • When entering a wrong password, game client will show “Forgot password” button;
  • Optimized shops interface working speed;
  • Lots of changes and optimizations to make the client more stable and fast;
  • Notification windows reworked;
  • Added a separate window when finishing quests;
  • For tranquilizers/antidotes in the Big Joe's Saloon event, hotkeys were enabled;
  • Fixed a reconnect bug when server restarts;
  • Fixed a bug which appeared after a clan had more than 100 active or finished wars;
  • Fixed a bug with several windows showing incorrectly on high-resolution desktops;
  • Removed the “?” button in main screen of the client;

  • Fixed a bug when drag-and-dropping items with your equipped items shown;
  • Buffs and effects without timer are now always on the bottom of active effects list;
  • Added winter-themed smileys;

  • "Aceticism" added;
  • Special offers window added;
  • Several bugs fixes;

  • Effects will now show not only minutes and seconds, but also days.

  • Added support for Guild resets via the client;
  • Added support for religion and religion guild resets via the client;
  • Added “Register” button;

  • When leaving the city you will be offered to receive the “City Protection” effect;
  • Added support for alliance clan-leaders. Added buttons for leadership transfer and kicking from alliance;
  • Automatic walking turns on when double-clicking on a location (without re-confirmation);
  • You can turn of autowalk by double-clicking on any cell of the map or by pressing “N” in main window;
  • Built-in client log analyzer with highlighting (as selected in options), smile displaying, searching and import into BB-codes (for forum), HTML, or text function. Shows logs for several days;
  • Option to change folder where image and settings are stored;
  • New building icons on world map;
  • New background on world map and new icon representing your character;
  • Display of location ID in hints;
  • Map loading optimized;
  • Automatic client update was added;
  • Quest dialogue windows design changed;
  • Quest dialogue windows can now be resized;
  • If you have an extractor in your bag, then when you right-click on essences, you can combine them, increasing quality;
  • Fixed a bug when launching a battle chat in separate window;
  • Fixed a bug with loading effects, filters, macros, etc;
  • New type of sounds added: “You got caught in a trap/Enemy got caught in a trap”;
  • In “Options”, when you enter your login/password, you can now click “Erase data” which will wipe the Data folder;
  • In map window you can see the locations (star, shops, etc), now can be seen in 50% scale;
  • Log-in window changed, now you can see the latest news;
  • Selecting port for log-in was moved to log-in Options screen;
  • Added support for netbooks with small screen size. In log-in settings you can select the “Compact mode”, which changes the main screen of the game;
  • A button was added to “Compact mode” to show all hidden panels of main window;
  • Fixed client performance when using a tranquilizer in battle;
  • Winter smileys removed, new smileys added;

- New inn, bar, shop, lab windows (Attention! Read the release notes);
- Tournament and quest points now show up in the bag;
- Platinum is shown with different color and symbol in trade window;
- Fixed a problem with the way locations with plants were shown;
- Fixed a problem with graphics not loading correctly in private shops;
- Shops will now show the amount of items available. If there is unlimited amount of items, “+” will be shown;
- New hotkeys for inventory, shops, inn, bar, trade, laboratory: SHIFT - one item, CTRL - a window where you can specify the number of items. Complex two-button combinations do not exist anymore;
- New smileys were added;
- When trading, for better usability, platinum is shown in different color and symbol;
- Added new type of item – chest;

Release notes for
This client brings new design to inn, bar, shops, and laboratory windows. The window is now divided into 25 slots each. On the left is the building shelf; on the right is your bag. By scrolling or pressing the buttons above you can list the pages on the left part of the window. Items can be dragged from one part of the window into another, when you do that you will be able to specify the amount of items you wish to buy/sell/put/take in a separate window. You can also double-click on an item. In the inn, it will be the same as “put/take all items from this stack”, in shop or laboratory – “buy/sell one item”.

- In the login/password window there are now options to enter the game with “Hidden from list” and “Doppelganger” effect;
- In the quick-access panels there are now buttons to switch between inventory rows;
- You can now remove protection from characters under “Hidden from list” and “Doppelganger” effects;
- Error with defense button being stuck was fixed;
- Bug with setting a route in a location with vegetation was fully fixed (ATTENTION! See the release notes!);
- You can use any item from any slot in the bag by using hotkeys. To do so you need to hold Shift button and enter two digits that represent the slot, from “01” to “25”
- If you pres Shift button in your bag you will see the slot numbers;
- When taking quests from the “boards” you can set the route to the quest targets;
- In the login window there is a setting that clears the Data folder every 30 days (turned on by default);
- Clan window was fixed;
- In clan control window the last log-in of each clan members and recruits will be seen;
- In clan control window you can see the information on all clan members and recruits with one click;
- Clan window was fixed when viewed at certain resolutions;
- When adding to ignore list, the user that was added will receive an appropriate message;
- In the effect window a button that allows to increase the window size was added;
- Client shows only 3 smileys or clan icons in one message;
- In Windows Vista/Windows 7 the progress of autowalk will show even if the client was minimized;
- Clan recruit icons now show in player list;
- Fixed a bug with total weight calculation in the bag;
- Critical bug was fixed that was caused by the computer entering sleep mode;
- Hotkeys “Use tranquilizer” and “Use antidote” now work as pots for alchemist cards

Release notes for
In this client the autowalk issue when walking on planted plants was fixed. The bug was that when walking through such locations the structure of the map was spoiled. In this client the bug was fixed, but if there are still any “spoiled” locations, you will have to visit them yourself, or delete the files with “.map2” extension in the client folder (however, if you do that all tags on the map will disappear)

- Added Tournament server selection;
- Added a few New Year themed smilies;
- Small bugfixes.

- Fixed a memory leak in recruit section of Clan window.

- Support for new Crucible Furnace;
- Added extended information about gold and experience required for levels to the Guilds window;
- Fixed the Tranquilizer icon in the brief player list;
- Fixed the amounts of gold and experience required for levels;
- Added a "destination reached" tray message for automatic navigation.

Next revision will contain:
- Updated map;
- Updated element list.

- Added 'Hide EQ' button to command panel;
- System messages will not be filtered out by Total Filter;
- Client has been yet again optimized for large battles;
- Fixed chat text selection;
- Fixed an issue with copying and pasting smilies;
- Added support for animated smilies;
- Clicking a clan icon will attempt to open clan homepage;
- Fixed a vulnerability in chat abuse report system;
- Moderators will now receive information about the type message of the message that has been reported;
- Added color codes to the Effects window;
- Fixed some issues with sound system;
- Improved sound settings;
- Party settings window has been changed;
- Added ability to switch party leader without disbanding party;
- Client will now remember all entered character names (they are saved to loginlist.txt in application folder);
- Fixed an issue with not being able to move when Quest window is open;
- Added ability to abandon quests;
- Added a digit group separator for shop prices;
- The 'afflicted' icon will change color if the character is affected by Sanctuary;
- Player list window has been redone;
- Added 'Optimization' options to Options menu;
- There are some new filter options available;
- Added 'Dynamic chat' option to optimization options;
- Added ability to toggle image download;
- Trade chat has been united with general chat;
- Added alliance chat;
- Added filters to chat window;
- The key combo to send the message to clan chat has been changed to ++;
- The key combo to send the message to alliance chat is now + (if the clan is not a member of alliance the message will be sent to clan chat);
- Added ++ key combo, which sends messages to trade chat;
- Added auto_drink_hp and auto_drink_mp features to command panel;
- Added ability to send multiple lines of GRA messages;
- Added hotkeys for Tranquilizers (default J) and Antidotes (default K);
- Added 'Exit game' confirmation window.

- Boss-Key button will minimize the separate combat log window along with the client application itself;
- Numerous improvements to the process of using private shops;
- Pressing 'Home' while executing a macro will abort it;
- Added filters (similar to those in Inns) to private shops;
- Added filters to laboratory;
- Holding Ctrl+Alt while splitting stacks of items will allow the user to move stacks of 50 items.

- Fixed some issues with inactive mode;
- Fixed issues with tooltips of essences;
- Fixed Home macro error which occured after attempting to reconnect;
- Revamped the procedures that handle item display in shops and private shops;
- Added ability to set up things the private shop will buy from players;
- Added a filter for completed quests;
- Double-clicking the vendor NPC will open up the respective location window (as if you pressed Enter);
- A myriad of bug fixes.

- Added support for changing colors of essences depending on their power;
- Added new hotkeys: Toggle agressive mode (W), Toggle use of power-ups (E), Effects window (Y), Select player character (Shift + ~);
- Expanded client application skin support;
- "Run Away" button should now be active always;
- Connection time-out time will be activated upon loading database data;
- Fixed numerous errors that occured when closing the application;
- Many effects such as disaease, triggers, conditions etc will not bring up the effect icon, but will still be visible in the tool-tip;
- Added Racial Trigger icon to the status icons on command panel;
- Fixed hit points calculation to reflect the server-side change;
- Change the Moon Cult icon;
- Added ability to purchse more than one recipe at a time;
- Fixed a bug that occured when examining monsters.

- Fixed an issue with familiar names appearing when character is invisible or under Doppelganger effect;
- Corrected the Moon Cult icon;
- Added 'Chat language filter' to options. Marking one or more languages in this options menu will filter out all chat messages sent by player who have use this language as their preferred.

- It will no longer be possible to put more than 1 recipe to laboratory;
- Added a button to open World Map;
- Revamped the world map context menu;
- Added an ability to make routes to points of interests (guilds, stairways to heaven, region exits);
- Fixed an issue with bank window getting frozen while activating a platinum card;
- Added "huge" world map mode;
- While world map is in "huge" mode it will not be possible to select 15% scope;
- Added support and icons for new religions, revamped old religion icons;
- The option to toggle Search Party window display got moved from "Client" option to "Game" options;
- Durability will now be displayed for all items;
- Added an indication of free and total available slots and weight to Inn and Bar interface;
- Increased the size of guild window fields;
- Monsters who have special aura will have appropriate icons on their avatars;
- Added two hotkeys (< >) which will attempt to use two slots in inventory dedicated to secondary weapon and shield;
- The chat will get cleared upon altering chat filters;
- Changed the "grouped" icon in the players list;
- Upon entering the Stairway to Heaven location window players will see the information about places of their recent demise and a button to open up the Search Party window;
- Added an ability to report offensive chat messages to moderatorial staff;
- Added a quest selection window;
- Added support for confirmation window;
- Fixed an issue with label colors not being saved properly;
- Fixed an issue with Currency Exchange windows not appearing under certain circumstances;
- Added the information about bank account balance to Currency Exchange window;
- Update the visualization of elemental resistances in parameter window;
- Multiple language support;
- A myriad of minor changes and additions.

- Removed 'Always on Top' buttons from Player List, Magic and Effects windows;
- Added 'Always on Top' to Full Chat, Player List, Magic, Effects windows` context menus;
- Increased the size of Magic window;
- The Help button will now bring up bookmarked links menu;
- Disabled the use for smilies and clan icons in the Trade Chat;
- Added 'Store All' button to Inn and Bar interface;
- Added support for private currency exchangers;
- Added client-side support for Second-in-Command clan status;
- Added more hotkeys for spells (Insert, Delete, End);
- Added basic macroses for buffing spells;
- Fixed an issue with hotkeys being pressed while enterinug numbers in Group Window and World Map Window;
- Added support for Search Party;
- The game client will now automatically attempt to sort corpses to show the character's corpse first;
- Various tweaks and stability improvements.

- Fixed an issue with shop, bar and inn interface refusing to close when ESC key is pressed;
- Added support for 2 separate versions of chat: one with Unicode support and one without it. The non-unicode chat is usually a lot faster;
- Fixed some issue with filtered logs being formatted incorrectly;
- Fixed an issue with target selection;
- Added option to change names of custom labels;
- A smilie has been changed; Sun and Moon cult icons added to smilies (*sun*, *moo*);
- Various little fixes.

- The client skin has been overhauled;
- We have added an ability to resize the main client window vertically;
- If entering text longer than 60 characters in the main window a separate panel will appear with your input (optional);
- The smilie panel has been added to the main window;
- Made a few changes to smilies;
- You can toggle the function of 'Whisp' key in the main window by right-clicking it;
- The Options window has been reworked and split into parts, also added options to set up hotkeys and chat colors;
- Trade window now supports stackable items. The following keystrokes are available to select amount:
SHIFT+click 5 items;
CTRL+click 10 items;
ALT+click all available items.
- Added support for private shops;
- Incoming personal, clan and party messages will display in a pop-up window in tray when the client is minimized(optional);
- The log files codepage has been changed to UTF-16LE for better international support;
- Alchemy Blueprints will now be stackable;
- Added amount selection window to the personal and clan inn, and shops;
- You will now be able to mark a location with color on the world map without having to go to the location;
- Added various new labels for the players in the player list: pupil label and 5 custom ones;
- Your character's avatar will not be resized when using the Fill/Brief panel toggle;
- Your character's avatar will no longer move while scrolling the nearby friendly characters panel;
- Added a sound for the trade requests (trade.wav);
- Added buttons to control the party looting mode to the leader's party window;
- Improved the scrolling in the shops, inns and clan inns (moving the mouse pointer to one of the sides will scroll the window);
- Added ability to turn off the full map display (useful for outdated computer configurations). When the full map display is off the 'fill up region' menu will be added to the context menu which will allow the user to open up the current region on mini ma
- Added a 'Stop' button for automove function to the world map;
- The 'Cure' spell will now automatically be bound to the '6' keys for newly-registered characters (and the character's which have no hotkeys set up);
- Added a message for 'aggressive mode' (one-click attack) toggle;
- Added support for skin packages;
- The 'Take' hotkey will now function as 'Take All';
- 'Take All' will now attempt to pick up stacks of items.

- Optimized the log-saving scheme, smilie processing;
- Auto-responder phrase will be saved now;
- Made changes to the format of smilies (*001*, *002* etc.).

- Skin support is back;
- Fixed an issue with world map caching (delete the en_world.map file if the problem persists - it will be re-created automatically);
- Fixed an issue with incorrect total filter limit;
- Fixed tooltips for presents;
- Added a single message smilies limit;
- Fixed an issue with 'Create Alliance' button;
- Changed the font size in chat area;
- Fixed a few issues with hotkeys setup;

- Fixed an issue with user list sort criteria in the big chat window;
- Fixed an issue in Spell window;
- Corrected transliteration supprot;
- Changed the full filter behavior: you will now need to impose a limit on incoming chat messages you want to have processed in a 2-second time frame, all the other messages will be logged but not processed/displayed.

- New scheme of files, images and map caching. Not compatible with earlier version;
- Added improved unicode support to all client forms and windows;
- Changed smilie tags format;
- New format for clan icon tags. Clan icon tags now consist of 3 numbers (i.e. old format: <1>, new: <001>);
- Unified World Map file format, open-access to the full map;
- Made general optimization to chat and other inner client systems;
- Hotkey cofiguration is now separate for each and every other character;
- Added support for an alternate paperdoll display (for personal avatars owners only!);
- The log files are now saved in HTML format with smilies, color codes, reconnects etc. Codepage: UTF-8;
- Selecting text in Chat now automatically copies it to clipboard.

- Fixed an issue with the player's list;
- Increased font size in the separate Chat window.

- 'Get All' button to attempt to take every item on the floor. Be careful with the bodies of other characters;
- Added a toggle for hit points visualisation feature;
- Automatic updates have been temporarily disabled;
- Fixed the infamous 'List index out of bound (-1)' error in the Teachers window;
- Fixed the blinking of sun/moon gfx;
- Fixed various bugs with trade chat;
- Fixed the context menu in trade chat tab;
- messages from Trade Chat tab are now being logged with tag.

- Revamped tray icon code;
- Ability to change tray icon gfx has been removed temporarily;
- Added some special effects to the character paperdoll;
- Added trade chat channel (it's being broadcast to all characters ingame, the general char is not visible in the trade chat channel);
- Added Security Code support;
- Added Mentor System support.

- Fixed an issue with connection window remaining on screen;
- Full-fledged skins support (Skin Editor is getting released soon);
- Added auto-selection of characters offering a trade;
- Ability to flag some of the windows as 'Alway on Top' (these include: button panel, spells, affects, player list, inventory quick-access panel).

- Added options to filter items in Inns and Bars;
- Added moderator warning system;
- Added an ability to recycle all of the items (by right-clicking the Furnace and selecting 'Recycle All');
- Optimized item replacement routine;
- Added an ability to specify coordinates for automated travel in the World Map window;
- Added a transparency slider to Options (only compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista);
- Added aggressive mode toggle (one-click attack), this setting will not be saved upon exiting;
- All secondary windows should now properly close with ESC key;
- Added tooltips to experience bar;
- The 'Examine' ability will automatically be used on monsters you 'Look' at;
- Fixed some memory consumption problems that affected users with Windows Vista;
- Added a button for 'clan_set_motd' ability of Clan Leaders (clan message of the day);
- A few minor changes and corrections.

- Fixed character selection bug;
- Fixed repeated characters filter bug (it will only work in shouts);
- Added tooltips for a few wondrous modifications;
- Added skin support;

- Religion Ranks support;
- Quick Access Bar for the top inventory row;
- Displayed Smilies/Clan Icons limit (max of 3 icons in one message);
- Repeated characters limit;
- 'Drop All' button (with confirmation);
- Experience Bar;
- Familiar support;

- Added A Password Expired message.
- Added an ability to set up client hotkeys (saved to Darkswords.ini);
- It is now possible to change tray icon (put your ds.ico into the client application folder);
- It is now possible to make partial changes to the background (main.jpg in the client application folder);
- Added an announce for Ignored users entering the game;
- Added \clan_ban command to the control panel;
- Added \inncheck and \inncancel commands to the control panel;
- Added display of current statuses on the main window;
- Added a confirmation window for \doppel and \invisible buttons;
- Away From Keyboard mode support;
- Fixed a few minor glitches;
- New tutorial system support;
- Ability to quit tutorial by declining quests from Quest window;
- Own corpse will now be highlighted red;
- - Added 'Total Filter' option which will disable the display of ANY combat messages (though they will be logged to text files, if logging is enabled). Recommended for massive battles;
- Added character gender support (being set up automatically, personal avatars owners may use \set_sex "1" command to select male gender, \set_sex "2" to select female gender).

- Fixed an issue with passwords not being saved;
- Added hotkeys (1 though 0 and F1 - F12) to key panel;
- Sun and Moon icons will now be changing their positions on the location image;
- Added 'doppel' and 'powerup' commands to the key panel;
- Added ability to take screenshots that are validated by ID;
- New Tutorial system support;
- The icon for ignored characters is now white;
- Added Exit Game directive to the client tray icon;
- hotkeys will now be working no matter If the key panel is active or not.

- Day/Night display on the location image.
- Added ability to use $name (displays name of the recipient) and $level (displays level of the recipient) tags in \gra, admin messages and auto quests.
- 'All Names' feature has been bound to Alt+Q instead of Alt.
- BossKey feature (Ctrl+Q) will now only work inside the client application.
- Added an ability to make notes on any character (stored client-side). The notes are shown in tooltips.
- Fixed the bug with Weapon Swap feature (X).

- Fixed Heal Self Only option;
- Made A few optimizations to the client.

- Added support for Tutorial quests;
- Added a client-side 'Heal Self Only' option;
- Made a few modifications to the client application security;
- Redesigned the client application to run smoothly and have smaller size.

- Added hints for player status icons;
- Implemented mini-browser feature (available webpages include trivias, news, player lists etc);
- Fixed A few errors with moderation functions.

- Multiple character statuses feature has been implemented.
- Pressing Alt will toggle the display of levels and names of characters and monsters by their avatars.
- Added a feature which allows administrators to boot players from game for a few minutes (for technical reasons mainly).
- The blueprints for catalysts, grindstones and alchemist wares can now be read in Laboratories and Shops.
- Added the buttons for clanleaders’ set_born and set_unborn commands.
- Optimized the routine which handles the character initialization when opening the game client.

- Added 'Soft filter' option (on by default) that allows to disable incoming
messages about combat actions which do not specifically affect the user. It
is highly recommended to turn it on during massive battles (might also help dial-up users out there).

- Fixed A few more errors that occured during the launch and Exit
- Due to some issues the connection window has been changed yet again
- Added autoupdate application
- the colors.txt file will no longer be overwritten when installing the full version
- Graphics download can no longer be Disabled

- Fixed A few minimap errors
- re-built the item buying code
- Fixed an issue with 'Disable graphic' button
- Fixed some errors with image storage
- Ctrl+tab will allow the user to switch game client windows

- Fixed A number of errors that occured while opening and closing the application

- Brand-new connection window
- Added compatibility for new Quest types
- ability to buy items in stacks
hold CTRL to buy 10 items;
hold SHIFT+CTRL to buy 5 items
- Added an option to disable download of gfx
- it is now possible to expand the client by clicking the tray icon
- Fixed A few errors that occured while closing the client

- user activity check Implemented

- Graphic Consistency check
- Boss-key: Ctrl+Q
- Chat Colors control
- Ban Reason View
- moderator Chat Hotkey
- Command panel
- "Forgot Your Password" Link
- display of Headquarters on minimap
- some fixes and additions
- Holiday skins support
- character notes
- some special Affects

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11