The Day of the Dead!

Wicked Halloween Everybody! This year we decided to celebrate the Mexican counterpart to this holiday - Día de Muertos known internationally as the Day of the Dead!

From 26th Oct until 1st Nov, for every purchase of platinum you will get +25% extra platinum and palladium!

The Day of the Dead is the only time when the dead can cross over into the world of living. 27 of October in the Antica Town, Gerardo will be waiting for you ready to send you on a quest. The quests can only be completed once. 30th October at 20:00 server time, there’s a small chance to get a special unique quest chain continuation only one character on the server will be able to turn in. Once completed this special quest will be disabled, while the normal quest chain shall remain.
Attention! In order to be eligible to complete the special quest you will have to left the game and cleared the cache from the Login/Password screen (“Clear data”) and then go back in and try your luck.
Attention! Players with a PVM subscription can get Magic Water from the store on the game's website.

On 31 of October 3 times a day (server restart to server restart) the hordes of undead will suddenly appear. They aim to take over the cities and your objective is to not let it happen. Some of the undead will drop skulls (make sure you don’t have Ascetic effect to get those). The skulls will be converted into Mogash Marks, on a condition of you preventing the undead from conquering the city. Should you fail the skulls will remain useless lifeless skulls. The religion player-versus-player combat will be disabled during this time, with the exception made for “criminal”-flagged players. The undead are immune to area of effect magic!

From 29 of October to 1 of November after the server restart some Piñatas will appear in random location. These are very powerful unique monsters. Break them to receive some candy (make sure you don’t have Ascetic effect running). Piñata monsters have a long spawn timer.

You can buy a unique pet "Witch" (Genie like) in the platinum alchemist store. Prepare for holiday!

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11