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Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!

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2020-09-11: Updates 09/11/2020 (Updates)
  • Now you can change 1000vpt per week for Mogash Marks
  • Added additional quests for the exchange of Codfish for the Improved Jig (watch out for free cells in your inventory and weight when exchanging)
  • Maximum "Outlaw" effect time = 15 minutes
  • Attempts to rob a player with a level <65 religion (active or inactive) will always fail
  • Cannot deport players with religion <65 level (active or inactive)
  • Fixed work of Voodoo Doll

In honor of the Ukraine Independence Day we switch on the following bonuses and promotions, which will be prolonged until August 26th:
  • Buying platinum, get 25% from purchased platinum as a bonus.
  • We added a familiar "Kozak" (Genie like) into Artifact Alchemy.
  • The centurion is appeared in Akijah City, who will give you two quests with special gifts (reward improved!)
  • x1.5 Religion EXP
  • x2 Professions EXP
  • x2 Bulletin boards EXP
  • x1.5 DMG to monsters
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters

From this moment, in the store for QP you can buy Emeralds and Rubies. From September 1, the QP shop will be closed, and the remaining QP will be converted into Emeralds.
On August 25, 2020, the following changes will come:
  • For PVM Events, which are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can get Emeralds in the same quantities as QP before
  • For PVP Events that take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can get Rubies in the same quantities as QP before
  • Mogash Marks can no longer be purchased with gold
  • Mogash Marks now costs 25 Keys of Shackles, Mogashs Chest costs 250 Keys
  • Roulette has been redesigned. List of prizes and odds on the forum in this thread
  • Ruby and Emerald Shops added in Black City (#5520, #5519), Everspring Town (#7135, #7136), City in Clouds (#19963, #19964, Achievement Store #19961), Underground City ( #10154, #10153)
  • Maximum multiplier for gold = x4
  • The main prizes in the quest big hunt are now 25 Achievement Points or 50 Emeralds or 50 Rubies or 60 Virtual Platinum or 10 Mogash Marks

  • The third stage of changes by currencies is enabled (see news below)
  • Fishing Pole and Spinning Rod will be added to the Emeralds store in the coming days
  • Quest "The Secret of Mirror Dew" gives 20 Emeralds as a reward
  • A player with the Out of Law effect cannot teleport until the effect ends, but can be deported upon death
  • Traps no longer catches players who are in the same group as the player who set it

On August 17, 2020, the following changes will come into effect:
1) A new currency is being introduced - Emeralds
2) Bulletin Boards will award 1 Emerald for players up to level 200, 2 Emeralds for players up to level 360 and 3 Emeralds for players over level 360.
3) For killing Mortal Enemies will be given 10 Emerald on weekdays and 30 Emeralds on weekends instead of Valor
4) Quest Charters will no longer be given for events. Existing Charters can be sold for 12 Emeralds.
5) Players Valor will be converted to Emeralds at a rate of 1:10, Merit will be converted at a rate of 1:1
6) Valor Shop and Merit Shop are closed
7) The shop for Emeralds opens in Arkijah and will contain the following potions:
  • Elixir of Divine Mutation - 50 Emeralds (was 75 Merit/1 Valor)
  • Elixir of Divine Generosity - 50 Emeralds (was 75 Merit/1 Valor)
  • Insurance Contract 24h - 100 Emeralds (now 375 Merit/90 QP)
  • Chisel - 10 Emeralds (was 50 Merit)
  • Crucible Furnace - 15 Emeralds (was 50 Merit/12 QP)
  • Extractor - 15 Emeralds (was 50 Merit/12 QP)
  • Godly Quintessence - 30 Emeralds (was 125 Merit/30 QP)
  • Lifegiving Seed - 50 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
  • Snack for Familiar - 50 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
  • Potion of Divine Reward - 25 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
  • Fishing Pole - 40 Emeralds (now 24 QP)
  • Spincast Rod - 120 Emeralds (now 72 QP)
  • Horn of Plenty - 50 Emeralds

From August 6, the assortment of the Palladium Shop will be updated:
  • EXP and Relig EXP potions - 1 pd (without changes)
  • Silent Compass 3pcs - 1 pd (there was 1 pc)
  • Red Prism - removed from the store
  • Easy Road Home 4pcs - 1 pd (there was 1 pc)
  • Remove Cooldown 10pcs - 1pd (there was 1 pc)
  • Amphoras for choice is replaced by similar amphoras with 1 weight 100pcs - 2 pd
  • Druidic Grindstone 100pcs - 1 pd (there were 50pcs for 2 pd)
  • Mage and Warrior Alchemy Supply with 1 weight - 3 pd (without changes)
  • Bomberman - 1 pd (there were 5 pd)
  • Pet Energy Potion - 2 pd (there were 5 pd)
  • Powerup 10% for choose - 3 pd (there were 5 pd)
  • 70 Servings of Appetizing Fish Soup - 5 pd (there were 10 pd)
  • Genie - 120 pd (without changes)
  • Ice Fishing Set - 2 pd (there were 5 pd)
  • Indulgence 3pcs - 1 pd (new)
  • Mass Teleport To The City In The Clouds - 1pd (new. removed from the Mogash store)
  • Mass Teleport To the North - 1pd (new)
  • Mass Teleport to Travellers Well - 1pd (new)
  • Mass Teleport to Dr. Kronus - 1pd (new)
  • Mass Teleport to Centaurs - 1pd (new)
  • Racial Ability to Choose 10 pcs - 1pd (new. when choosing, 10 identical racial abilities are given)
  • Traps 2 min - 1 pd (new)
  • Prism of Pest - 1 pd (new)
  • Prism of Traveler - 1 pd (new)
  • Prism of Assassin - 1 pd (new)
  • Prism of Spender - 1 pd (new)
  • Big Mirror - works similarly to a magic mirror, but shows all group members if they get to the location where it is installed - 1 pd (new)
  • High Tier Magical Scanner - is an analogue of a Magical Scanner, but acts even on players hidden by the Magical Cloud Sphere. Silent, without "ringing in the ears" - 4 pd (new, current silent Magical Scanner will remove from Palladium Shop)
  • Potion of Solitude - when used in combat, instantly turns on the solo mode. Cannot be used by dwarves in quest zones (including Antique China) - 4 pd (new)
  • Cloaking Device - the character under the effect of the potion is not visible on the mirrors. Time 60 min. - 3 pd(new)
  • Isolation Sphere - the user cannot be seen by other players compasses while under this effect, but the character cannot teleport. can be removed if you switch between clones on a star. Time 60 min. - 3 pd (new)

    From August 1, the following changes are introduced:
    • Dwarves can no longer enter tournaments and do not receive Tournament Points
    • Tournaments will now depend not on combat levels, but on religious levels. There are three levels left: 1-64, 65-89 and 90+
    • A new currency "Rubies" is being introduced
    • You can buy chests with rubies in the Golden Potion Shop at the rate of 1 TP = 3 Rubies. The rest of the alchemy is removed from the store
    • The first Ruby store is open to the right of the Golden Potion Shop in Arkijah. Elixir of choice # 1 and # 2 will also be added to the assortment
    • For the quests "Serving the Cult" 5 Rubies will be given instead of Faith Currency
    • Capturing or holding territories will award 25 and 50 Rubies instead of 1 and 2 Conquest Currency
    • The store for Conquests is being removed. Currency will be converted to Rubies at the rate of 1:25
    • The store for Faith is being removed. Currency will be converted to Rubies at the rate of 1:5

    For the super prize, you now need to collect 50 Assorted, and the main quests are repeated every 23 hours.

    More Info

    2020-07-04: Independence Day (Events)

    If it wasn’t for the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary war and all the other wars that protected our freedoms, America wouldnt be as free as it is today. DarkSwords wishes you a happy Independence Day, and thank you to all the veterans both living and dead. Happy 4th of July!

    During the July 4-5 following bonuses will be on:
    • We will add extra 25% for any platinum purchase via dealers!
    • You can buy a new unique pet "Eagle" (Genie like) in platinum alchemical shops for 750pt.
    • x1.5 Clan EXP
    • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters
    • You do not lose relig experience in battle
    Do not forget that weekend bonuses work: x1.5 damage to monsters, x1.5 relig experience and x1.5 experience of professions.

  • Upcoming events:

    31% 18% 23% 28%

    Dragon Slayer

    West Wooden Fort
    19:58 19/09
    South Wooden Fort
    22:53 19/09
    Fish Market
    10:38 20/09