If you want to try an artifact system in DarkSwords or win an important fight, then a system of momentary crafted artifacts is willing to help you.
The difference between momentary crafted and personal artifacts is that they have a limited durability, when it runs off artifacts disapear. Momentary crafted artifacts have 500 durability. It gets lowered with every hit on you and for weapons additionaly with every hit you make.

Before you start creation, we advice you to decide on artifact strength first. Artifacts can be improved by additional bonus/modifier: 0.4, 0.75, 1.0 of the basic item parameters. ie. momentary crafted artifact with 1.0 modifier gives bonus +100% of based item parameters, but 0.4 mod gives +40%.

Momentary crafted artifacts are based on several types of standart and bonus parameters. ie. you chose it when you buy an item scroll. Scrolls have different colors and formats names – „Necklace of Constitution” ( parameters of the artifact will give constitution), „Staff of Mana” (parameters will give mana) and so on. Scrolls can be bought in all artifact stores of DarkSwords world. Scroll for gear creation cost 10 platinum, weapon scroll – 20 platinum.

If you want to creat an artifact with an additional modifier of strength, you need to buy Platinum Ethalon of needed modifier. Ethalons can be bought in Platinum Alchemist of DarkSwords world.

Now we have item Scroll ( for example, Staff of Mana) and platinum Ethalon ( if you want to get more strengthfull artifact that 0.4 mod)

  • Enter any laboratory.
  • Put 1 artifact Scroll.
  • Put Ethalon ( if you want to get more powerfull artifact. If you need artifact with 0.4 modifier, then you do not need any Ethalon).
  • Press „Brew”.
  • You will receive an artifact with a nearest level of your character UP level, ie. if your character is 297 level, you will receive an artifact of 280 level, if your character is 203 level, then artifact will be 200 level.

    Momentraly crafted artifacts are tradable, they are not counted as personal.
    You are not able to create a momentary crafted artifact if your character is lower than 100th level.
    You are able to put essences and quintessences on these artifacts. Durability from this wont get higher!

    Artifact type 
    Word in a title 

  • 31% 33% 16% 20%


    Flame River
    18:47 30/11
    North Savanna
    20:07 30/11
    Ice Castle
    22:03 30/11