The basic emphasis in development is on base parameter: «dexterity», also important is parameter «constitution».

Priority parameters: «damage», «chance to hit», «armour», «health».

Sequence of studying of schools and guilds for the first levels of the character: Development : First levels.

Recommendations on sequence of further development: Development : Builds.

Combat spells:

«frenzy» - increases a physical damage of the character;
«dispel magic» - removal of positive magic effects from the opponent;
«tiger strength» - effect increases value of parameter «power»;
«feline grace» - effect increases value of parameter «dexterity».

Defensive spells:

«sanctuary» - effect reduces any type of damage caused to the player by half;
«steel body» - effect increases value of parameter «constitution»;
«bears blood» - effect increases health of the character;
«mirror shield» - effect reflects a part of a loss of the opponent;
«layered defence» - effect protects the character with a shield of double value of its «health».

Cure and diseases:

• (Up to 100th level) – cure by a standard «first aid» spell;
• (Above 100th level)recommended diseases – «porphyria» sometimes «hysteria»;
• (Not infected character) use of a spell «cure» and/or its mass analogue «heal» for group of characters .

Skills which allow surviving:

«tumble» - avoiding opponent application of some special attacking skills;
«stealth» - allows moving through the world imperceptibly for monsters and other ;
«defensive stance» - which allows parrying impacts of the opponent (parried impacts do not cause damages) with the certain chance;
«survival specialist» - increases the maximal value of «health» parameter proportionally to the level of the character;
«disarm» - allows beating out the weapon from the right hand of the opponent while fighting;
«extra life» - allows surviving with the certain chance after «death» of the character;
«sleight of hand» - allows literally «robbing» other players even during the fight.

Skills which will help to increase the opponent loss:

«dagger mastery» - increases base parameters of a knife (damage and chance to hit);
«polearm mastery» - increases base parameters of a spear (damage and chance to hit);
«duel wield» - allows to take the second weapon in the left hand instead of a shield, development of this skill increases efficiency of use of the second weapon;
«backstab» - allows beginning fight with the very strong «backstab» a knife (there is also a low chance of using this impact during the fight);
«riposte» - allows the character to hit in fight out of turn;

Skills which will help to cause the opponent loss more effectively:

«open wounds» - gives the opponent corresponding negative effect at which it «bleeds profusely» (constant lose of HP during several steps of fight);
«sweeping swing» - allows to «knock down» the opponent during the fight (in this condition the opponent cannot move, receiving increased damage and cannot use the «seeking blade»);
«focus attack» - gives high probability that following hit on the opponent will have the maximal force;

Necessary schools:

School of Quickness (and following Middle School of Quickness, Elite School of Quickness, High School of Quickness) - raises basic «dexterity» parameter which is necessary for character to be able to wear necessary equipment (Cape) and weapon (Dagger);
School of Might (and following Middle school of Might, Elite Middle school of Might, High School of Might) - raises basic «constitution», parameter, which is necessary for character to wear the necessary equipment (Armour, Helm) and the weapon (Spear);
School of Fencing (and following Middle School of Fencing and Elite School of Fencing ) - «Tumble» skill is studied here. Finishing each of them the «dagger mastery» skill is studied. The «dual wield» skill is also studied at School and Middle School;
School of Defense (and following Middle school of Defense, Elite School of Defense) - characters’ «armour(AC» parameter and «sweeping swing» skill are studied here. Finishing every school the «polearm mastery» skill is learned;
Guild of Assassins (and following Elite Guild of Assassins and Academy of Assassins) - such skills as «backstab», «open wounds», «sleight of hand» and «stealth» are learned here;
Guild of Vindicators – «disarm» and «defensive stance» skills are learned here;
Academy of Precision – «chance to hit» parameter can be raised here and «focus attack» skill studied;
Academy of Agility - «armour(AC)» and «chance to hit» can be raised here; «riposte» skill is studied;
School of Survival (and following Middle School of Survival and Elite School of Survival) - such parameter as «health» is raised here. In the end the «survival specialist» skill is studied;

Auxiliary schools:

Guild of Healers (and following Elite Guild of Healers, Academy of Healers) - studied spells are: «Cure», «Heal», «Dispel magic», «Aura of renewal», «Bear’s blood», «Sanctuary»;
Guild of Enchanters (and following Academy of Enchanters) - the spells bearing such effects as «Tiger Strength», «Wisdom of the owl», «Feline Grace», «Steel Body», «Mirror Shield» and «Frenzy» are studied here;
Academy of Life – parameter «health» is raised here. Finishing the Academy «extra life» and «survival specialist» skills are studied;
Academy of Protection – parameter «health» is raised here. Finishing the Academy «layered defence» and «survival specialist» skills are studied;

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11