Before registering the character, we recommend you to think over the role that would be most interesting for you to play in this world. Not only your career but also your character race and weapon class depends on your preferred game style. Listed below are the characteristics of character types in the world of Dark Swords that should help you to decide most accurately.

There are two classes essentially differing from each other – wizards and warriors. Humans and Drows are races suitable for wizard’s role. While Orcs, Elves and Dwarves best corresponds for being warrior.

If you are a sociable person and like to be the center of attention your priority is a group style of the game, wizards and «tanks» (warriors who carries out a role of the defender of a party – takes up the basic impacts of opponents) suit best for this purpose. Let’s take a detailed look on wizards. Drow’s game is positioned only as in groups – all advantages of this race are concentrated in drawing a mass damage effect on group of opponents, thus in independent game Drow is badly protected and strongly concedes to any warrior. Human race somewhat between group wizard and a loner. Human Wizard is less valuable in group though he can also fight by means of mass spells, but not so effective as Drow does. In a counterbalance to that Human has abilities which allow him to feel more confident while fighting against warriors, especially Elves. An optimum configuration of Human game is a small group consisting of wizard and warrior-defender («tank»). The choice of the weapon for wizards is – the Staff.

If you like to relax in front of computer, have a drink of tea, and in general often distract from the monitor, your choice is Dwarf one more representative of group characters. Not so active in fight, it carries out very important role of «tank» - the defender of whole group. Unique racial ability of Dwarf is to pass into a condition of «Impregnability», which raises endurance and allows sustaining Amount of attacks from the opponent. On the other hand, low attacking characteristics of a Dwarf makes him very dependent on selection of partners which can slow down your character development. The recommended weapon is the Sword, though game with the Spear or the Axe is also possible.

If rigid game is your style, Orc’s race would be the best variant for a warrior. Development of the Orc does not depend on presence of a party – it is hardy enough, strong and terrible in its fury. Thus the Orc is welcomed in any command, owing to the strike qualities and stability against fighting spells. Being in one party with wizards it should be ready to accept smaller productivity in opponent destruction while it is compensated by its greater survivability. The Orc’s race is optimal in fighting against wizards, but not always effective against Elves because of its lack of accuracy and quickness. Orcs specialize in many classes of the weapon, but their priority would be the Axe and probably the Sword which somewhat compensates slowness of this race representatives. It is also important to remember about Orc’s left hand favourite weapon – the Maul.

For single game fans the Elve’s race would be the best approach. Elf it is not adhered to group game – it is quite self-sufficient, especially if it is a question of fighting against monsters. It is promoted by high armour ratio owing to which it wards well off physical attacks, and high chance to hit which allows it to damage the enemy with an enviable constancy. Elves are masters of "stealth",which makes them excellent spies and thieves, while their ability to strike killing blows from back has brought them a professional murderer’s reputation. However, alongside with such advantages, elves have certain lacks – low damage and bad bearableness of fighting spells; it makes elf a favourable wizard target especially in group fights. Within this idea the optimal weapon for Elf is the Dagger, even two knifes most truly, though Elf’s development with the Spear could also be interesting enough.

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Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11