Dark Swords paid service system includes possibilities to purchase game currency - platinum, which passes in artifact equipment and weapon shops, unique personal items, exclusive character images, character's own locations: houses and shops in game.

It's possible to buy platinum by using purchase interface in game official site. rtifact shops, which accept only platinum as currency, offer a great variety of high quality items, which don't have analogues among ordinary game items, and which allow character placing to the highest qualitative level.

Personal artifact, exclusive character images and locations creation is made by Administration taking into account player tastes and wishes. The unique artifacts and images have special attractiveness for many players, who'd like to be notable, leave permanent traces in the world, and, of course, cuold be a great gift.

Unique Avatars

Dark Swords offers lovers of original and really beautiful an excellent possibility to be marked out among others by setting the unique image for his character. This kind of images is made by high quality professionals according to the Dark Swords gaming universe spirit and atmosphere. Image creation and setting is executed at the earliest possible date. The cost of service is 650 platinum.

Personal Artefacts

Personal artifacts are ordered directly from Dark Swords Administration representatives. It's necessary to describe the desired sort of item, its name. We'll also take into account wishes upon items characteristics, however they will be limited by global gaming balance calculated formulas. Thus, Losses absorption parameter can't be higher than in basic item - the foundation for personal artifact. Reinforcement coefficients, which determine how more powerful artifact is than the basic item, are provided both for ordinary artifacts and for personal ones. Standard artifacts, which are distributed through shops in game, have coefficients 0.4; 0.5 and 0.75. This coefficient value has direct importance when personal artifact price is determined (for example, personal artifacts reinforcement coefficient is usually about 1.0).

Personal artifact cost calculation is made proceeding from added characteristics, by analogy with ordinary artifacts. Produced personal artifact standard price is added to this sum: 100 platinum for rings and necklaces (chains); 200 - for weapon; 150 - for other equipment and clothes items. The payment is collected once for one item creation.

The main advantages of personal items:

- When obtaining new level, there's a possibility to change artifact parameters by paying Administration the difference without any extra expenses, which occurred while selling items to shop and buying new ones;

- Administration returns lost personal artifacts;

- Personal artifacts are produced in one copy and don't have analogues in Dark Swords world.

It's always possible to get the answers on all questions, concerning paid services, and order personal artifacts or images by e-mail extra@darkswords.net or turning to Dealers in game.

Increased Inn Capacity

You can increase the amount of slots available in your inn. You will then have 600 cells, and the maximum amount of items will be 6000 + Character Level x 2. This service costs 30 platinum for 30 days, and the platinum is withdrawn right after ordering the service. After the service runs out, 1 platinum per day will be withdrawn from your account, even if the character is not online. The characters that have not paid in time for the extra space in the inn, will be able to take items from the extra cells. You can order this service through the Command Panel, by selecting Inncheck option. To cancel the service, select Inncancel.


There are also several services which will allow the character to change the main stats of the player's character and their familiars:

  • Redistribution of character guilds
  • Changing starting stats
  • Changing of race
  • Changing character's avatar (to another standard racial avatar)
  • Changing character's religion
  • Changing character's religion guilds
  • Changing familiar type
  • Changing familiar's name
  • Creation of personal avatar
  • Changing familiar's avatar to a personal avatar

Character: In-game services

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11