Using the technology described in this article you can independently grow any plants in order to obtain ingredients necessary for elixir manufacturing.

Coffee beans Crucible melting

First it is necessary for you to extract planting materials, which are seeds. place the required plant in “Crucible melting” in doing so, you will recieve 10 corresponding seeds.

Any territories are suitable for agriculture, except for: zones of order (starting cities), quest regions, clan castles and roads there is no opportunity to grow plants: in peace zones (shops and schools), locations with private shops and exchange stores, in any internal premises (such locations are designated by equal squares on maps).

Double click to plant a seed. from this moment on, until you have harvested the plant no one will be able to plant on the same spot.If you have tried planting seeds in the place where someone already planted the seeds before, the process of planting will fail, but thus seeds (and fertilizers) will be spent in a usual mode without failure notice.

Fertilizer : Potash Fertilizer : Sapropel

If there are fertilizers («Sapropel» and/or «Potash»)in stock of your character during the moment of planting they will be automatically spent. 1 unit of each type on each planted seed. After planting and untill the moment of harvesting the crop and during the growing period, you can water the growing seeds (1 time is enough) using «Sprinkling water» (double mouse click). You can buy or exchange "Sapropel", “Potash” and “Sprinkling water” at corresponding quest mobs.

In 60 minutes after successful seeds planting the corresponding culture crop will grow in the given location. There will be 15 minutes for you to collect it before the plant "dries up" and location becomes accessible to planting crops again. During these 15 minutes of plants life any who has entered into location, will receive the corresponding text message, and the location thus will be marked by a green square on mini map.

Sickle Mechanical mower

Harvesting can be made in two ways: manual – using «Sickle» or automatic - using «MEchanical mower». During harvesting the grown plants fall on the ground in the same location. Attempt of gathering "another's" crop gives the status of the criminal for 5 minutes. In this case the plants planted by the player, its spouse, a member of its clan or a member of its alliance are considered as crop's "owner" . Technical details of using tools of gathering are described in section Items : Artifact alchemy.

There are several factors which define efficiency of agriculture and harvesting: chance of successful crop Growth, time of crop Growing, the amount of crop, and chance of harvesting.

Profession : Земледелие

Chance of successful growth of crop (from 10% to 95%) depends on: Earth type (ground It is allowed to collect herbs here in List of Regions); dangers of region (a zone of chaos or religious wars); presence of a nonzero level of religion of the character during the moment of planting; presence of fertilizers at planting; and level of development of the skill in «Agriculture».

Time of growth of usual crops = 60 minutes, and in case of using fertilizer «Potash» at planting = 20 minutes.

Usual amount of crop = from 10 to 20 plants per location; it is possible to increase crop up to 30 units by using fertilizers at planting.

Profession : Harvesting Sprinkling water

Chance of harvesting harvesting parameter (from 5 % to 65 %) – is defined by ability of collecting one more plant from a crop in the given location at the next attempt of using «Sickle» or «Mechanical mower». This parameter can be also characterized as speed of harvesting. It depends on: base parameter of chance of the gathering device; using "Sapropel" fertilizer at planting; using “Sprinkling water” during growth; level of skill development in «Harvesting».

18% 21% 31% 30%


Dead Rock
19:42 25/10
Everspring Town
20:28 25/10
Dragons Cave
09:07 25/10