You can fish in our world while traveling from point to point on a ship. There are 4 categories of fish with dynamically formed prices, considering platinum market rate. You can fish by using «Fishing rod», which are sold in Artifact Alchemist shops. The fishing rod can be used for 300 casts and its price is 20 platinum. With a fishing you will be getting more experienced at this skill, read more about «fishing» at article Character : Professions.

Variety of species of fish (standard catch):

first category:
second category:
third category:
highest category:

Улучшенная Блесна. Действие эффекта чуть более 6-ти минут

If during fishing you are using Improved jig, instead of standard fish you can catch Unique catch. There are 3 types of unique catch: 5 Ancient Amphoras of Life, 5 Ancient Amphoras of Mana, Gold fish. To get an Improved jig you need to complete a Cod Catching quest, what can be taken from Fisherman at Lord Pond.

Ancient Amphora of Life. Unique catch consisting of 5 amphoras. Once used it lasts 10 seconds, the maximal value of «life» increases twice. «Layered defence» is not combined with it and does not cause «Exhaustion».
Ancient Amphora of Mana. Unique catch consisting of 5 amphorae. Once used it lasts 10 seconds, the maximal value of «mana» increases twice.
Gold Fish. Unique catch used for preparation of «Delicious Fish Broth».

Cought fish you can sell at any alchemist shop or try making fish broths - elixirs with useful and unique effects. Available recipe list is shown below:

to view the recipe click on the picture

Delicious Fish Broth. Applies 30-minute effect of protection against all three elements of magic to the character.
Shamanic Soup. allows to see characters using «Stealth» skill during 30 minutes.
Hunters Soup. Applies 30-minute «Success of the hunter» effect to the character, increasing chance to receive a prize-winning elixir in «Wanted Dead» quest 3 times; gives 15 % of chance to receive the main prize instead of standard in «Dark Soul» quest.
Renewal Soup. Remove all genetics modifications of a character. More about genetic read in article Articles : Genetics

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11