Welcome to the world of DarkSwords

Welcome to the world of DarkSwords.

You have just done the 1st steps and you are now registered in Game, downloaded client for Game.

This manual will help you to understand basic game principles.




So, you are logging on in game and you see such picture on monitor:



Now you see 2 columns. On the left column is your character and to the right column are all other characters who are now being on one square with you. To scroll Players on Game client window you must press mouse right button and hold it pressed. After it you can move up and down Players in Game client.


At the right-top part of game client you see world map. For moving your character in game world you may to use one of the next ways:

-          At the right-down part of game client you see arrow keys. With the mouse using and pushing one of those keys you will move in corresponded direction;

-          The simplest way to move is using arrow keys on you keyboard.


Under world map you see lines that show your health, mana, experience and money. On the left from this statistic you can see where in game world you being now.


At the centre you see chat window. Under it you see row for type text and buttons , .


- This button is used for sending text in main chat. This message will see only by players, who are in the same area with you.

- This button is using for send text as private messages. This message will read only by the person, to who u sent it. Private messages are green in chat window. Such messages can be delivered in any game area.


Also you can see button аnd that opens window with smiles.


Down of the chat window we see 21 buttons:


Lets consider them in course:


- Button Attack. This button is used to attack a mob or human player. To attack you need to direct your mouse cursor on the picture of mob (human player) at the right column and then to push this button. But remember that to attack human players you may do only in special areas as arenas or chaos zones and areas of religion fights. As well u may to attack mob with double click with mouse cursor on his picture at the right column.



- Button Group. This button is using for creating, closing, joining or leaving group.



- Button Trade. Players allow to sell and to buy things not only in shops, they are allow to do trade between them. If you want to trade with someone then you need to choose his picture at the right column and to push Trade button. It will open trade window. But before, you need to know from who you are buying or to who you selling and how much.



- Button Aggressive mode. When you push this button you are turning on this mode. It means you will attack mobs or human players with just 1 click on their picture at the right column. Be maximum careful with this mode!



- Button Magic. When you push this button - it will open spell list that u have learned in guilds. At the start you will have only 1 spell.



- Button Stats. This button will open new window that has all parameters about your character such as might, strength, dexterity, mind and many more. With changes of those parameters you may chase the development of your character.



- Button guilds. After pushing this button will be opened window with guilds that you have learned. At the top of window you can see how much experience and money you need for to gain next level.


- Button skills. This button opens window with list of skills that are working passive.


- Button effects. This button opens new window with effects (spells) that was putted on you and how long will they last.



- Button Power Up. This button turns ON and OFF using attack booster automatically (catalysts and grindstones).



- Button Inventory. This button is opening new window of your inventory. At the left part of window you can see 5 slots for gifts. A bit right from it you may see your character gear and on the right part of this window is your backpack. At the start you have just some clothes and in backpack you have 3 health potions.



- Button Get all. When you walking around game world and meet corpse of mob or human player you may push this button and take things that had human player (mob) or other things from ground. But be careful, because try to pick up things from human player corpse not in chaos zones is trounce, but only if this human player was not killed by you or your ally. If that happened then you will get an outlaw and on avatar you will see such drop.



- Button View. This buttons is using for to view what are other people wearing on them. You need to choose human player picture (avatar) at the right column and to push this button. After this will be opened new window and you will be allow too see what clothes and weapons is wearing this person. If to use this button on mob then will be used examine skill.



- Button Run away. This button may to be used only in fight. If in fight you see that you will not cope with them, whom u attacked, then you may push this button and flee from them.



- Button Player List. If you push this button it will open new window with all online human players. When you want to talk with one of them just choose nickname and click on it and nick will be automatically added in row where you can type text under chat window.



- Button Enter. This button may to be used only in special places as shops and guilds. Using for to see shop assortment or for to gain level in guild.



Besides these buttons game client has such buttons as mentorship, help, quick access and options.


- This button shows whos your mentor at this moment. And after you gain level 200 you will be allow to be mentor and to get pupils.


- This button will automatically send you on page for help to players.


- This button opens new window that shows 5 top slots of your inventory.


- This button opens new window with game client options.






Acquaintance with map.


Well, now, when you have knowledge about game client, lets make acquaintance with game process. Walk around town, but do not go outside town gate. If you choose your home town when registered Arkijah then you will see such picture on map:



It is your 1st location town.

Game world has 3 start towns: Arkijah, Seastone and Ruby Fort. We will make acquaintance with Arkijah.


You are now on star centre of this location. You always be reborn on star when you get killed. Now, when you just started to play, you have some bonuses with you being on the star you health and mana has faster regenerate. Star is a peace zone. You can not attack anyone on the star. Peace zones have such picture . You may see it on game client near map picture.

Besides the star, the world has more peace zones such as shops, schools, guilds, bank, inn and laboratory.


Game world has 2 types of shops.

Shops of simple things:


- Dump. Here you may to buy or to sell ingredients that you got after fights with mobs-animals like cheese, teeth, any viscus etc.


- Weapon Shop. In this shop you can to buy or to sell weapon as axes, swords, spears, knifes and so on.


- Armour Shop. This is shop of heavy gear: helms, armours, shields are selling here.


- Jewellery Shop. Selling rings and chains that gives you bonus to absorb and armour.


- Store Shop. Shop of light gear. You can buy here gloves, belts, boots, pants and cloaks.


- Magic Shop. It is special shop for mages. You can buy here magic hats, jackets and capes.


- Alchemist Shop. Here you may buy different potions. At the start you need only cheapest health(red) and mana(blue) potions. Also in this shop, may to be in sale returners, teleports, tranquilizers. Buy you donТt need to pay attention to all those potions yet.


- Scribe Shop. It is special shop where you can buy scrolls to get brewed on elemental resists. And some more special scrolls to brew many more different potions. All brewing you must do in a special place - Laboratory. Laboratory has own picture on map.


2nd type of shops is platinum shops. They have the same pictures as simple shops, but with more brightness on shop picture. In the platinum shops you will be allowed to buy more powerfull gear and weapon, but for elite money - Platinum! Platinum can to be bought from official game dealers or traders for real money.



Besides all those shops you can see in town some guilds.

Guilds have 2 pictures:


- Magic schools. Here you will be allowed to learn special skills, such as heal, cure, any element and mind with magic damage.


- Warrior schools. Here you will be allowed to gain parameters such as might, dexterity and other special skills.

It is only places where u will need to go for to gain levels.



On the map you can see 2 more places where you may keep safe your things and money, because when you gain level 10 and if you get killed all your money and things will stay on your corpse and other human players will be allowed to loot it from your corpse. So, better do not take much money and things with you.


Money you need to keep in special location - bank. Noone will be allowed to use your bank account, only you!

For things you will be allow to use inn. Noone will be allowed to use your inn, only you!

Also on map you can see bar, but for you its only peace zone. Bar is clan inn and you canТt use it.


Town, besides peace zones, has Lawful zones rest of town. It is a place for you to fight with mobs. Lawful zone has picture.





Well, now your client opened, you have learned what all buttons for, its time to start to play. Now your character is level 0. For to gain level you need to get experience. Way to get experience is to kill mobs. Lets walk around town, but donТt forget that you are low level character yet and will be very hard to fight with high level mobs and sometimes just not real. Thats why you need to find someone who is just 1-2-3 levels higher than you. All levels are viewable on notice window when you bring mouse cursor on mob avatar. For example:


- Mouse (level 0). For the victory over mouse on level 0 you will get 1 experience point. Also after victory you will get 1 peace of cheese. Cheese can be sold on Dump. For 1 peace of cheese you will get 1 gold coin (you will need money for to gain levels or to buy gear, weapons and other things).


- Alley cat (level 1). For the victory over alley cat on level 0 you will get 4 experience points. After victory you will have a chance to get collar from mob. It will be automatically equipped on you. Congratulations, its your 1st gear that you have got from mob. Now you can get some more collars and then to sell them in Jewellery shop.


- Dog (level 3). For the victory over dog on level 0 you will get 16 experience points. Also you will have a chance to get a dog fang that can be sold in Dump with cheese.


Now when you started to fight with mob you can see that in chat window now not only messages from other human players and you can see fight log. In fight log you see how much losses you have done in rival, what special skills or effects were used in fight and how many gold, experience and what things you have got after fight if you win.


Be careful, some mobs are too high for you. And you have at start some potions in inventory that will help you to win in your 1st fights. Use those potions in fight if your health is getting too low.


While you killing mobs you can see numerals under map, one of the lines is your experience. It may have white, green, yellow and red colour.


- White numerals means that you do not have enough experience for to gain level.


- Green numerals means that you have enough experience for to gain 1 level.

- Yellow numerals means that you have enough experience for to gain 2 levels.


- Red numerals means that u have maximum experience and its enough for to gain 3 levels and if you will not gain level your experience will not count.


Make decision for yourself how to level up your character. 3 levels in a row or by 1 level, because if mob will kill you - you will lose half experience points.


Now, when you have enough gold coins and experience for to gain level you need to go in chosen school and to push in opened window.


Congratulations, you have just gained you 1st level!


18% 21% 31% 30%


Dino Valley
15:25 23/10
13:38 23/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
19:21 23/10