Mark of Valor - a personal elixir, after use the characer receives 30 minute effect similar to Horn of Plenty, Divine Power-Up and Unexcelled Accuracy. Also, you can trade Marks of Valor to valuable items, NPC is located in the Golden Potion Shop in Arkijah. The Mark can be received with a small chance by killing mortal enemies (on Saturday and Sunday, this chance is 100%), by completing missions and participating in daily quests (Pacman, Mouse Run, etc), for Quest Charters (or in the shop for quest points). Also, every time you receive a new title for completing missions, the chance to receive Mark of Valor is 100%.

Mark of Conquest - personal elixir which adds 250 clan experience points if the clan experience is lower than 1000:

  • for capturing the land - 2 Marks of Conquest - to the clan leader, which raises the flag (only if there is a free spot in their inventory);
  • for defending the lands from other clans (or monsters) - 1 Mark of Conquest - to clan leader (if they are online, otherwise the Marks will be added into the clan bar, where only a leader can take them). If the clan succesfully captures a location from monsters, the clans will not receive a Mark.
  • You can also exchange Marks of Conquest for one of the valuable rewards from Warrior Instructor and Clan Official in the Amphitheatre region.

    Mark of Piety - personal elixir, removes all penalty points received in religion fights (so called "skulls") and activates the character's religion without time limit (similar to Platinum Heart), which are removed by using regular "hearts". You can use this item only on the "Stairway to Heaven" location. You can also exchange them to valualbe items from the quest NPC in Temple of Snake.
    You can receive Marks of Piety by completing daily quests for players with religion levels ranging from 15-29, 30-44, 45-59, and 60+ (in the Temple of Snake). To take the quest, you will need to donate some gold for Temple restoration (a portion of the donation - 5% - will be given to the clan owning the region).

    Zodiac Signets

    Signetи Зодиака
    «Signet of Aries»
    Signetи Зодиака
    «Signet of Taurus»
    Signetи Зодиака
    «Signet of Gemini»
    Signetи Зодиака
    «Signet of Cancer»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Leo»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Virgo»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Libra»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Scorpio»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Sagittarius»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Capricorn»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Aquarius»
    Signet Зодиака
    «Signet of Pisces»

    Each Signet of zodiac is similar to godly quintessence, the effect only applies to the items of that particular type(i.e. items of Aries can be upgraded only with signets of Aries).

    Signets are also used in creating Welkin Hammer.

    19% 22% 30% 29%


    Black Beach
    06:13 27/10
    South Savanna
    04:00 27/10
    Handlegsman Dungeon
    23:06 26/10