Special Locations

Exit button Special locations (here and later) are locations which bear additional functions: allow selling and buying items and equipment, character level up, fighting against other players in special conditions, deposit money and items, manufacture and improve items. All special locations are marked on map screen (see section "The Maps of Seastone Town, Arkijah Town and Ruby Fort"). The administration in such location is accomplished with the help of location menu which could be opened by clicking the action button «Enter» on the game main screen actions panel.

Shops and Other Similar Locations

Store You can buy weapons, equipment and clothing, replenish curative drug stock, sell trophies - shops and other commercial locations are intended for all those purposes. The item selling and buying functions are accessible with the help of menu which, as in other special locations, is activated by clicking «Enter» button on the action panel.

In the upper part of menu there are images of items, which are sold in the shop, with prices for either item; in the lower part - player's items, which this shop is ready to buy. It's possible to get detailed information about items by holding mouse pointer over its image; item purchase or selling is performed by choosing the required item and pressing the button BUY or SELL correspondingly (double click on item image replaces clicking the menu buttons). It's possible to list through window content with shop assortment and player items for sale by holding the right button. Selling of all items that the shop takes is perfomed by pressing the button SELL EVERYTHING, excepting that items that character is dressed in.

Shops in Dark Swords are divided by orientation: weapon and armour, clothes, jewelry, alchemic, magical shop (sells different kind of equipment for wizards) and roll shop, as well as junkman shops, which are situated on dump territories. Shops could be also divided into Artefact, which sell unique items - handicraft masterpieces, and ordinary, which sell mass consumption goods and serial production equipment. Some shops could also have additional functions, which are not connected to selling/buying things - as for example, there's a possibility in roll shops to get acquainted with the recipe text without necessity of buying it. (button READ in shop menu).


School of cold Character development in Dark Swords is accomplished by character gaining experience and level-ups, which is accomplished in special locations - guilds. It's possible to get to know guild orientation, requirements for level-ups and teaching cost, as well as level up in guild with the help of menu, accessible by pressing the button «Enter», while character being in location, where guild is situated.

Guild menu is the table, which contains information about disciplines and subjects studied in guild, as well as teaching cost in experience and money equivalent, distributed by levels. There's a button LEVEL UP in the lower part of this menu, which is used for level ups in this guild. The lines in guild menu are coloured: green colour means that character has everything needed for level up in guild; red colour means level up impossibility because of either reasons (usually because of lack of experience or proper qualification); violet means that character has enough experience, but hasn't got enough money for level up; character already obtained this guild levels are coloured blue.

It should be remembered, that for certain guild service use similar orientation guild course has to be preliminary studied. Thus, for example, to learn in Guild of Warriors, where the art of precise and strong hit is developed, character has to graduate from Guild of Power, where character trains his physical strength (detail information about guild system is in the 3rd part of the Manual, devoted to gameplay, in section «Guilds»).

In the window of Guilds there’s also a button LEVEL DOWN, that allows characters "to cast off" levels taken earlier in the guild shown. When pressing this button, your character loses one level in the guild given. Pay attention to that when decreasing the level, the experience and gold he spent to increase the level in this guild is not being returned to the character. I tis allowed to decrease the level only once a day on condition that the guild given is not need for new guilds you have started.

Banks, Hotels and Bars

Bank account The safest places to keep items and money are hotels and banks, which variety could be found in Dark Swords big towns and populated areas.

Character financial resources storage is performed in banks; it's possible to use its services, while being in location, where the bank is situated, with the help of menu, which could opened by pressing button «Enter» on action panel. Bank menu contains information about means, which are stored on player's account (BANK ACCOUNT), cash (CASH) and lets sum of payment to/from account indicating, which are performed by pressing buttons REFUND and WITHDRAW correspondingly. Amount entering field left blank means operation realization with all money, which are on character's hands or on back account, at once. Currency, on which the action is made, type switch is performed by clicking mouse on its name in the menu.

Dark Swords banks offer platinum means refund services with the help of PIN. To use this service, it's necessary to enter symbol # and PIN without space between them (for example, #123123) in the sum entering field and press the button REFUND or WITHDRAW.

Banks also convert platinum into gold using common for all Kingdoms rates - 1 platinum : 5000 gold. To perform currency exchange operations, it's necessary to pass the certain platinum amount to banker in bank with the help of control button Give on action panel the same way, as if it was other player character.

Hotel Hotel menu, which is also available by pressing action button «Enter», while character being in it, is almost similar to shop interface. Item images, which are kept here, are in the upper part of the window; in lower part - player inventory content. Selecting the necessary item and pressing buttons TAKE or PUT, character, respectfully, will receive the item or will deposit it (double click on item image also replaces pressing the corresponding menu button). The hotel space for item storage is limited by 50 items. When leaving or receiving items in the hotel, as well as financial operations in bank the service fee is not taken from player.

Clan leaders, as well as clan Council members, which have corresponding authorities, have the access to clan stores in Bars special locations. Characters, which have the access privilege to clan stores, use action key «Enter» on action panel to enter store interface. The details about Dark Swords clan system in this Manual section «Clan System».


Laboratory One of the main peculiarities of Dark Swords is the player possibility of item creation and improvement with the help of convenient production system. Laboratory special locations, which offer player an interface for items creation and improvement, as well as have recipes opening function; are used for that purpose in the game. Menu in this location, as in other special locations, is opened by clicking action key «Enter».

The upper part of menu is meant for components, which will be used in item production and improvement process, the lower part reflects character's inventory contents. It's possible to move items from inventory into component panel, as well as extract them from panel with the help of menu buttons PUT and PICK (mouse double click on item image here also replaces pressing of the corresponding button). Menu button COOK is used directly for process initiation. Button READ in the upper part of menu allows reading the text of the recipe, which contains information about necessary components for process and product - process result.


Not the least of the aspects of Dark Swords gaming process are player combats against each other. While characters, which have disposition to any religion, can fight each other almost everywhere, neutral characters can check their force in fight with living opponents only within Arenas limits - one more kind of special location. Arena-location feature is the honest fight guarantee without interference from outside, which is realized at the expense of location entering limitations: there could be not more than 2 players or player groups at the same time. Besides this, rivals or group leaders have to confirm their readiness for fight before it starts with the help of option READY in this location menu (it's possible to open menu with the help of button "Enter" on action panel). It should be noticed, that retreat mode (button «LEAVE») and group administration menu (button «Group») don't work on Arena. More details about player fights are in section «Religious System».


You can put out to far, but safe sailing with the help of the ships and special locations called „Port”. In Ports usually some docks are located. Each dock can operate only one ship. When coming to dock, that operate some ship, you will see a message in common chat about direction of the ship, the cost of passage in gold, duration of sailing and stop. If you continue to stand in this location and the ship will sail up, you will see a proper message in the chat window and the „Enter” bottom will carry you to that ship , taking off the necessary sum from your account. Until the ship is in the dock, you can leave it, however the sum paid for the passage will not be paid back. As soon as the ship will move forward, you will not be able to leave it until it reaches the final destination point. If you are on the ship, then instead of the map you will see the symbol of the ship:

In 5 minutes before arrival in your chat window will appear a message that the ship is about to moor to the cost. None of war activieties are allowed on board of the ship, however chat window is not being closed.

Other Special Locations
Dark Swords types of special locations are not limited only with the above mentioned special locations in complex world, which are more or less typical for games of such genre. Besides this, during the game world development process special location classification is supplemented constantly with new places and regions, which have special purpose. Here the following locations could be marked out: Sun and Moon Altars, which are used for receiving religious disposition or renunciation of it (religious system details could be found in section «Religious System»).

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Flame River
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North Savanna
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Ice Castle
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