Sometimes some monsters carry with them so called "modified" or "miraculous" items. Such items can have unusual and non-standard characteristics or even have a special magical power. There are five levels of modification power in total : of miraculous, condescend, fabulous, attentive and reign. If you loot of the monster a modified item, its title will definitely contain one of this words. The higher is the power of modification, the more additional parameters the item will provide. Miraculous items can enpower players in a mighty way, however it has also its minuses – it is short-lived. Such an items has a concept of "durability". The index of durability (current and maximum) can be seen when pointing mouse indicator to the item. Weapon (swords, axes, spears etc.) loses one durability unit with every hit you make, magical weapon (staffs) – with every second hit, but different armour and clothes – with every successfull hit on you.


Equipment will slowly break during usage time (weapon will lose durability with each hit, and equipment will lose durability with every hit received). When the current durability is lower than 20% of the maximum (for example, from 100/100 to 80/100, from 80/100 to 60/100), the item with "Reign" will turn into an "Attentive" and so on, until the item loses the miraculousness or breaks completely. Personal artifacts will lose one modification level when losing 100% of maximum durability. Momentary artifacts will not lose modification levels when the duability decreases.

In certain cases miraculous item may not suit You by level, requirements or for some other reasons. For this case there’s a possibility to extract from thing a miraculous characteristic in a form of Essence (in Laboratories, with the help of the item «Extractor»), and then to modify your thing with this essence and with the blueprint of appropriate level.

Interpretation table of wonderful effects:

Essence ...increases...
... of Lifeparameter «life»
... of Sorceryparameter «mana»
... of Violenceparameter «damage»
... of Hatredparameter «magical damage»
... of Precisionparameter «CHTH»
... of Knowledgeparameter «CHTC»
... of Powerparameter «STR»
... of Quicknessparameter «DEX»
... of Mindparameter «INT»
... of Mightparameter «CON»
... of Windparameter «AC»
... of Stoneparameter «ABS»
... of Springparameter «HP regen»
... of Mysticparameter «MP regen»
... of Flameparameter «Fire resist»
... of Iceparameter «Cold resist»
... of Lightningparameter «Lightning resist»
... of Elementsparameters «Fire resist», «Cold resist» and «Lightning resist»
... of Vampireadds «life» to your character with successful hit on opponent
... of Reflectionimplicit parameter «damage reflection»
... of Soakingimplicit parameter « damage absorption»
... of Understandingadds «mana» to your character with successful hit on opponent
... of Suppressionimplict parameter «suppression»
... of Lightnessweight of the character

General information about character parameters you can read at the section Character : parameters.

18% 21% 31% 30%


Dead Rock
19:42 25/10
Everspring Town
20:28 25/10
Dragons Cave
09:07 25/10