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2007-12-27: "New Year Adventure"
A new and easy autoquest "New Year Adventure" will be availeble for players until the 4th of January.

2007-12-25: Reflect Damage
Combat and reflect damage sequence has been slightly changed (the reflect takes place only after actual hit has been performed). It is now possible to die of reflected damage.

2007-12-25: Merry Christmas!
To celebrate Christmas we will have 3xGold on 24th, 25th and 26th of December.

Also details about religion status and familiars
Once again.. Merry Christmas everybody!

2007-12-21: v
- Religion Ranks support
- Quick Access Bar for the top inventory row
- Displayed Smilies/Clan Icons limit (max of 3 icons in one message)
- Repeated characters limit
- Drop All button (with confirmation)
- Experience Bar
- Familiar support

Platinum upgrade of bar.
The clans have opportunity of expansion of the bar, completely similar to expansion of hotel except that it is impossible to refuse service after it has started (the debt of a clan will grow). Money for payment of the expanded bar is taken from treasury of a clan automatically. Cost of use: 30 Platinum - activation of expansion and the payment for use, after 30 days – 1 platinum/day.
Initiation of service: command of the clan leader cb_inncheck

Sudden Hit and Mental Hit
Damage of sudden hit is equal to a parameter of a damage of the character (from guilds, base characteristics, items, effect of Fury and etc.) Damage of mental hit is equal to a parameter of the Magic Damage of the character (with the account of effect of the Astral Carnival and etc.)
Damage of the skills Mental and Sudden Hit does not extend on action of effects of the Sanctuary, soaking, protection, absorption of werewolves and etc. However reflection of damage is still considers the damage which is put with these skills.

- Added a Password Expired message
- Added an ability to set up client hotkeys (saved to Darkswords.ini)
- It is now possible to change tray icon (put your ds.ico into the client application folder)
- It is now possible to make partial changes to the background (main.jpg in the client application folder)
- Added an announce for Ignored users entering the game
- Added clan_ban command to the control panel
- Added inncheck and inncancel commands to the control panel
- Added display of current statuses on the main window
- Added a confirmation window for doppel and invisible buttons
- Away From Keyboard mode support
- Fixed a few minor glitches
- New tutorial system support
- Ability to quit tutorial by declining quests from Quest window
- Own corpse will now be highlighted red
- Added character gender support (being set up automatically, personal avatars owners may use set_sex "1" command to select male gender, set_sex "2" to select female gender)
- New opportunity to cancel flee order by renewing your attack/attacking your target again.
- Improved the effect of “Doppel” (suppressed message about taken from corpse etc).
- Cloth which has been dressed on a corpse of your character henceforth will automatically be put on without taking into account requirements for each subject. Check on an possibility to carry a item/cloth is run after the process of clothing thet has been put on the body.
- In some regions of the world (marked green in the encyclopedia) it is possible to find various plants. They can be found by densely cutting out inhabitants of that region. Plants are components for preparation of elixirs (recipes for which are available for sale in Scribe shop near Ruby Fort).
- In artifact shops elixirs Potion of Vivacity is available. They are removing the effect of "Weakness" (temporarily stops the affects of Lycanthropy or Porphyria)

Change of passwords.
For security measuares all players have to change password on their characters. Without password change you will not be able to enter the game.

Changes in Vampirism:
* Have removed penalty for vampirism during day-time
* Amonth of damage under use of vampirism is not use soaking, armor of faith, defence spellbuffs? into consideration. but sancturie counts

Increase of Inn and the costs:
Coming with next update you can increase your in space by +450 cells or +1800 weight! You can choose this option in the Inn window.

The costs are as follow:
- To start the service you pay 30 plat to begin with. That will increase your inn for 30 days. After that an additional 1 plat will be taken from your bank account per additional day you use the increased in. If you dont have enough plat in your bank the additional space will be blocked (dont ask me what will happen to the items then, cause I couldnt find anything about that).
- There will also be a command with which you can cancel the service, but you should remove your stuff before doing this.

2007-11-21: Religion Reset
In the menu of artefact shop the opportunity of Religion Reset (change of religious guilds and changes of religion) have been added. Cost of the given service - 250 Platinum.Make sure your character has been offline for at least 10 minutes before you reset.

Also you cannot attack opponents of same religion in religion zones.

2007-11-16: Demogorgone.
We invite all players with religion to participate in a autoquest with will be availeble on for a limited time. Players from 140 to 260 level can take a quest in Rainbow Kingdom. The quest consists of two parts: the first - repeated (quest will be failed if you die), the second - without repetition. The quest will be active till 21.11.2007. A prize: the Gift +20%HP for 5 days.

Note: you need to kill Demogorgone 4 times.

2007-11-14: v
- Fixed an issue with passwords not being saved;
- Added hotkeys (1 though 0 and F1 - F12) to key panel;
- Sun and Moon icons will now be changing their positions on the location image;
- Added doppel and powerup commands to the key panel;
- Added ability to take screenshots that are validated by ID;
- New Tutorial system support;
- The icon for ignored characters is now white;
- Added Exit Game directive to the client tray icon;
- Hotkeys will now be working no matter if the key panel is active or not.

More info:
It is imposible to pick up Catalyst and Grindstones from another body.

Protection against Double Client on version:
And a Heads Up to all who try to run two or more game clients from one computer will sooner or later get your character banned.
Also client will discover any use of cheating programs wich may lead to unpleasent meating in jail..

2007-11-14: Dont step on a snake!
There is aggresive monsters on both islands (Outcast and Robinson) now.
Step carefully friend.

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