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2008-12-31: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Many blessings and well wishes bringing in the new year!!!

Informations for you!

Presents opened!

THREE new areas open!!
*Dragons Cave (min monster level: 450, max level: 1850)
*Underground Lake (min monster level: 1450, max level: 2850)
*Abyss (min monster level: 1950, max level: 3350)

2008-12-26: Ooh! We got a memo!

*The Light Steps potion will help to walk around without getting caught in a trap.

*It should now be possible to send some snowballs to friends in Flower Shop ( -> Settings). The first Snowball comes free, the consecutive ones cost 1 pt each. The character who has at least one snowball will receive 5% hp bonus until the present expires (30th of January 2009). Multiple snowballs will not increase this bonus, however we will count the presents in January (around 15th) and whoever will have the most snowballs will get rewarded by some special prize.

*Starting today (26th) and ending 5th of january the monsters will not attempt to siege territories

*Repentance quests for Chaos and Order cults have been added, btw.

*\replay command will replay last 25 whispers your character has received.


The New Years Gifts are released!
Click here for the list!

The long awaited Underground teles and mass teles have arrived! Along with the religion traps!
*Mass teleports teleport the group around when used by group leader.
*Traps catch characters of their respective religion (or any religion but the user's one for Universal Trap), preventing them from moving for like 30 seconds and will produce a message to the trap owner. First trap uses up 1 trap potion.. 2nd one uses 2, 3rd one uses 3 and so on. The traps will last until the owner leaves the game for more than 15 minutes (or until server restarts).
*Magic mirror sends a message to the owner when some player character steps into the location where Magic Mirror was placed. You can only have one mirror and it will last until you disconnect and stay offline for 15 minutes or until the server restarts.

Happy Christmas to all, may your holidays bring nothing but good cheer!

2008-12-24: Merry Christmas
The DarkSwords Administration wish you all a Merry Christmas!

2008-12-16: Crash!
Server is being rolled back, thanks to our wonderful tech for having a recent backup.

2008-12-11: Rules Update!

It has come to our attention that there has been some severe abuse to our newly merged friends. This WILL NOT be tolerated! Chat rules updates!

Upon screenshots the offending party will be given from either EU or DE Admin the following:
1st offense: 24 hr mute/Katorga lvl 5
2nd offense: 24 hr mute/Katorga lvl 6
3rd offense: 3 days in user jail

Offenses beyond the 3rd will be discussed between the two admins and if necessary character bans may be given!

The EU/DE merger is now official! And as such, staff is asking of the following:

*Be kind! Many of the DE players have not had the access to the resources we EU players have.
*Do not take advantage of their lack of experience. Instead offer assistance, give them a warm welcome and links to resources.

Lets show them why EU is such a wonderful place and that we're glad to have them with us.

2008-12-10: Server Offline

Der Server ist unten für die Wartung. Spieler werden zum EU-Server bewegt. Die Ausfallzeit steht auf dem Plan, um ungefähr 4 Stunden zu dauern.

2008-12-10: Server Offline
The server is now down for maintenance.

2008-12-10: Server Maintenance

The server will come down for maintenance on the 10th of December at 9 pm GMT / 4 am EDT. The downtime is scheduled to last about 4 hours.

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