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At the start of tomorrows reboot, we will be adding a New land Zodiac . Players will be able to access this new land Via Black castle quest. New land will have scrolls for new lvl of weapons and armors. Also for New years The Adminastrators have decided to give 2X exp, starting on the 31 Dec reboot, lasting until the morning of jan 2 reboot. We would like to remind you all, PLEASE have a safe and happy holidays.

Tournament atomaticaly ends 2 days before each month ends ( for example there are 31 days at december, so the last day of tournament and religion seasons is 29th december). Players have 2 days to spend points or if they decide to participate in jackpot then they should not spend it. On the first day of next month new religion and tournament season starts.

500+ range will be held on Monday Dec 21, as per request of Eu Server Admin, some Problems had occured and to make sure everyone has a fair chance, Admin has decided to re-do the Pacman2 Quest for that lvl range.

GRA messages: Swearing in GRA (world chat) will result in 3 hour minimum mute time, continued swearing from a characters alt's will result in additional time being issued for mutes, to the maximum of 24 hours plus Katorga. Other GRA offences are at the moderators discretion.

2009-11-17: Thanksgiving lotto
Thanksgiving lottery. From the 17th of November, lottery tickets will be sold at Arkijah Town Artifact Jewellery. On November 26th, the Lottery tickets will turn into elixiers listed on this page. Ticket price is 12 platinum. Platinum can be bought from official game Dealers.

We are hurrying to let you know, that on the 26th of November there will take place the greatest event of the year – "Carnage Tournament". Between the strongest players of Russian and European servers, each of them defending the name of their server.
Hurry up, improve your character, get strong enough to take part in this wonderful event and be one of those who will protect their home servers reputation, and whose names will be written in DarkSwords history.

Future details, description and rules of the Tournament will be posted on DarkSwords main site in the middle of the week.

1. Fixed bug: repaired quest drop of skulls from Kronys Guards – quest "Ticket to North”.

2. New system of essence displayment according to their types have been introduced.

3. Introduced alternative receipes for tranquilizators and antidotes.

4. Fixed the bug with formula of loot drop chance for high level monsters.

5. Familiar damage has been increased 2x.

6. Changed the scheme of calculation of familiar hit chance: the calculation includes current chance to hit of the character or his chance to cast ( max chance ); Additional bonuss to chance to hit also taking effect for familiars ( till +20 level of the character).

7. Option for controling clan land funds income has been added - \clan_land_tax. It switch between 2 profiles of usage of clan income of loot from the territories they own:

- loot being transfered into the gold as before

- loot being placed in clan bar ( in the case of missing free space in the clan bar, it will stop the process untill there is enought space).

8. Now you can cure infection with usage of herbs (chance of cure= 1%) aswell as with a help of elixir "Antiseptic” ( chance=10%), wich you can brew yourself.

9. New Scribe Shop has been added in Highlanders Village. You can buy alternative reciepes for Tranquilizers and Antidotes, reciepe of Antiseptic elixir and Antilocator there. Reciepe for Antilocator has been moved from Underground town scribe shop to Moon Scribe at Flame River. We have also moved the scrolls for first, second, and third runes to to the moon scribe shop at flame River.


Being sold as before – at platinum Alchemy shops. Cost = 20 platinum. Durability = 3000 uses. with the processing of 1 item or a stack of same items it will lose 1 use. Player receives gold bars ( 1 gold bar = 10 gold) in full amount of used item or stack of items cost pluss a bonuss of skill.

Skill from 0 to 25, for each skill level a result of usage increase by 1%. With a the usage of the Furnace, the skill will improve proportionaly to increase gold bar amounts. On the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, skill level players automaticaly receive a title with a current mastery in the skill. To see your current skill go to "Stats/skills”.

The new furnace is more profitable than the old one (100% result against 33%), aswell as addition you receive a bonuss in gain from your skill level.


Being sold as before – at platinum Alchemy shops. Cost = 20 platinum. Durability = 3000 uses. On a successful extraction of 1 item it will lose 1 durability. Applyement of essences and unsuccessful extraction do not reduce the durability of the extractor. The chance of successful extraction depends on the durability of the original item, but is limited by the range from 5% to 66%. To the lower and upper limits of this range, a bonus from skill is added.

Skill from 0 to 25, chance of the extraction being increased by 1% from each level of the skill. With the usage of the extractor the skill will improve proportionaly to a successful extraction amount. On the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th skill leveled players, automaticaly receive a title with a current mastery in the skill. To see your current skill go to "Stats/skills”.

Everyone will have a ONE TIME chance to change type of they personal artefact weapon without 500 plat fee, basicaly, the player will need to pay only the difference between weapon type cost. To do this you need to contact dealer ingame. NOTE: This is possible to do till the end of October 2009. In such order, other actions, like changing level/ modefier of the weapon, can not be used.

Hello everyone, we have decide to allow 5 more additional resets which you MUST use within 24 hours of the activation of the first of 5. no other resets will be given for religion. please make good use of these and experiment the reset to the fullest before you make a final build choice.

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Dino Valley
15:25 23/10
13:38 23/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
19:21 23/10