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2020-10-31: Big Update
The world of DarkSwords will never be the same again. After the invasion of the hordes of Dagfar warriors, we had to retreat. The ancient Druids were able to open their own portal called the Thunder Gate and the inhabitants of the world rushed there. Not everyone managed to escape, but we, the survivors, went to another world, so similar to ours.
  • Three starting kingdoms have been removed. Instead of them, one kingdom has appeared, which combines all three in spirit, with the main city of New Arkijah.
  • The 4 regions around New Arkijah are as safe as the city. Access to some regions is closed at a minimum level.
  • To the west of the new kingdom is the Moon Empire, except for the Reign of Hades, Tartarus, and the Styx Bank.
  • In the east is the Undeads Village, Copper Rocks, the Millenia Realm (complete) and the Black Realm, which lost the Cursed Castle.
  • In the south, there is a new kingdom "Mythical World" with the Antica Town, five new regions, a remade region where the Centaurs live, as well as the already familiar regions of Atlantis, the Altar of Ares, Reign of Hades, Tartarus and the Styx Bank. The Antica Town is a peaceful city surrounded by chaos regions with wide exit roads from the city.
  • The islands are still closed. Boatl traffic will be partially restored later.
  • Private shops cannot be placed in peaceful regions around New Arkijah, but in the city itself they can be placed in 9 squares called the Market. The rules are the same - no more than 3 stores per location. You can occupy location on a first come, first serve basis - in the order of messages from dealers to the administration. For details, ask with the dealers in the game.
  • Some recipes cannot be crafted due to lack of ingredients. They will be changed later.
  • With six cities remaining, Kingdom Battles are now taking place every day except Monday.
  • Element List in the map window is disabled and will appear in the next version of the client.

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