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2020-11-10: Updates 11/10/2020
  • Fixed the location of the siege towers in New Arkijah
  • Fixed inability to attack players in kingdom sieges
  • Fixed teleports in skills for alliances and some pets
  • In cities, you can deport characters without restrictions (relevant for sieges of kingdoms);
  • There are now many exits from the Catacombs, but they now change at each server reboot;
  • If the character is less than 200 leveled, the Enchanted Mana Shield gives the 2nd level of effect, if 200 and more - the 3rd.
  • Mass Religion Cups appeared in the Palladium Store. Price: 1pd.
  • In Antiсa, the laboratory moved closer to the Inn and Bar in location #23442
  • Slightly rebuilt passages in the Travelers Well. Also, location of the Laboratory has been added at the bottom.

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Forgotten Warriors

Copper Rocks
19:13 04/12
Handlegsman Dungeon
20:02 04/12
Reign of Hades
19:43 04/12