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2020-11-15: New Kingdom Isensold
We invite you to visit the renewed Isensold. You can get to it with the help of a quest, which is taken in a new region north of the Old Mill. The updated Isensold combines the Island of Doctor Kronus and the Domain of the Blizzard. Less roads, more space for players, slightly reordered regions. Ice Castle has become the city of this kingdom with a large set of buildings, and the Northern Settlement will delight winter fishing lovers with a second fishing boat with the ability to fish safely. The next siege of the kingdom will take place next Sunday, November 22nd and will take place every week. We believe that Isensold will be a tidbit for alliances. Teleports and deportation potions are working. A feature of this kingdom is that no one has teleports to the city itself except the alliance that owns the kingdom. The client with the support of the new map of the world will be released in the very near future.

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Forgotten Warriors
White Scorpions

Undeads Village
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Dead Rock
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Poisoned Brook
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