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2021-04-25: Updates 04/25/2021
  • All PVP premium subscriptions canceled. The money will be returned within a few hours.
  • Removed "All mirrors detect group" and "All Magic Scanners work as High Tier Magical Scanner" from PVP-permium
  • Premium PVP owners can now enable Solo mode without waiting
  • The cost of PVP-premium is now 30pd per month
  • The cost of "Potion of Solitude" is now 1pd
  • Buff potions are now used if 10 seconds or more of the effect time has elapsed even if the effect was not dispelled
  • Undispellable Sanctuary potion removed from roulette rotation
  • The work of the "Imp" pet has been fixed

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Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01