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Dear friends, 17 years ago, October 21th, 2004, the first DarkSwords server was opened at Alkar game-platform(Ukraine). From this date we had to consider the beginning of our game history. Congratulate all players with this significant event! We are doing our best for the further game development. Thank you for staying with us. Hope, our work and project will bring you more positive emotions.
  • From October 21-24, get 25% more Platinum & Palladium on any dealer purchase!
  • On October 21-24, you can activate happybirthsday17 promo code with your level 100+ character and get 17 weeks of subscription to 1.0 artifacts and mogash marks depending on the registration date. For each month from the moment of registration, you will receive +20 mogash marks. The longer you stay with us, the more marks you will receive. Thank you for staying with us, friends!
  • The holiday bonuses are ON: x2 Religion EXP, x2 EXP from monsters, x2 profession EXP, x2 Damage to monsters.
  • The birthday cake will be handed out on October 21 at 20:30 server time. All players who will be online at this time will receive a gift: a piece of a birthday cake: an item that gives a gift HP / MP (not included in the limit of spheres, included in the limit of 180%, you cannot hang more than one cake at a time, not soulbound).
  • On October 21th & 24th - all day Dark Soul & Wanted Dead events.
  • On October 22th - all day Dark Soul event.
  • On October 23th - all day Wanted Dead event.
  • During the holiday period, our Judges will return and play Dices and Champions Tournaments at random times;

According to the results of the draw in the "Personal Island" promotion, two prizes of 250pd went to the player Sir Dodinas Le Savage (codes 340822 and 272690), and the winner was the player and his code 139551. The rules are described here. Congratulations to the winners, and the owner of the new island, please contact their dealer for details.

In honor of the Ukraine Independence Day we switch on the following bonuses and promotions, which will be prolonged until August 25th:
  • Buying platinum, get 30% from purchased platinum and palladium as a bonus.
  • Themed presents with a discount 30% are available in the flowers shop! You can buy for a longer period with a discount.
  • We added a familiar "Kozak" (Genie like) into Artifact Alchemy.
  • The centurion is appeared in Akijah City, who will give you two quests with special gifts (reward improved!)
  • x2 Religion EXP
  • x2 Professions EXP
  • x1.5 Clan EXP
  • x1.5 DMG to monsters
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters

2021-07-03: Independence Day

If it wasn’t for the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary war and all the other wars that protected our freedoms, America wouldnt be as free as it is today. DarkSwords wishes you a happy Independence Day, and thank you to all the veterans both living and dead. Happy 4th of July!

During the July 3-5 following bonuses will be on:
  • We will add extra 25% for any platinum and palladium purchase via dealers!
  • You can buy a new unique pet "Eagle" (Genie like) in platinum alchemical shops for 700pt.
  • x1.5 Clan EXP
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters
  • You do not lose relig experience in battle
Do not forget that weekend bonuses work: x1.5 damage to monsters, x1.5 relig experience and x1.5 experience of professions.

Congratulations to all the people from Russian Federation In honor of this holiday from June 10th until June 14th the following discounts & special offers:
  • We will add extra 25% pt&pd for any platinum purchase via dealers!
  • You can buy a new unique pet "Russian Bear" (Genie like) in platinum alchemical shops for 750pt.
  • x1.5 Clan EXP
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters
  • You do not lose relig experience in battle
Do not forget that weekend bonuses work: x1.5 damage to monsters, x1.5 relig experience and x1.5 experience of professions.

From June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021, when you buy 2,000 platinum from dealers, you will receive a code and become a participant in the drawing of a personal island and two prizes of 250 palladium each.Read more info.

2021-05-08: Victory Day

Administration of Dark Swords congratulate you on the upcoming Victory Day! We wish you never know war, live in peace, without forgetting the great deeds of our ancestors.

From May 8-9 there will be following bonuses:
  • Damage vs Monsters X 2.0;
  • Profession Experience: X 2.0;
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0;

We remind you that until May 10, there is a + 25% bonus when buying platinum and palladium from dealers.

All users who had a login on EU server since April 2014 and up until March 30, 2021 and would like to preserve the legacy of their characters by transferring them to official Dark Swords servers are eligible to do so and must follow the next instructions.

More Info

Bonuses May 1st and 2nd will be on:
  • Artifacts from monsters will not break in battles
  • x2 profession experience
  • x2 religion experience
  • Wanted Dead, May 1st
  • Dark Soul, May 2nd

All those who worked well, receive a bonus of 25% pt and pd from the purchase of platinum from April 28 to May 9!

2021-03-05: Happy Womens Day!

All best wishes on International women’s day. Keep shining and smiling always! A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself! Today is yours and so is every other day!

Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected - that is essential! Despite failures - you stand up. Despite sorrow - you cheer up. Despite the pain - you keep fighting! Keep dreaming to fly higher reaching new heights. Congratulations on March 8!

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we launch a series of quests, which you can take in Arkijah and with their help buy beautiful presents for women’s (quest starts at location #21920, store: #21953). If there is nobody to give, then you can buy a Lottery and make a present for yourself:
Pet Energy Potion - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
Deportation to Isles (5 items) - box with deportations to Cronus, Centaurus and North.
Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
Dynamite Stick (5 items) - stuns all characters in the choosen location for 10 seconds. When used on a ship, immediately gives a catch like the result of 100 fishing rod throwings.
Prism of Spender - after opening gives one of bags with Sapphires.
100 Mogash Marks - gives currency Mogash Mark after usage.
Racial Ability to Choose (15 items) - Chest for choose with Race Ability potions.

Thats not all. The lottery once a day can also be obtained in the quest of Rosa Karlova once a day. This quest is available at location #21924

Also, if you want to make a really nice present, we offer to buy platinum and get +25% platinum and palladium from purchase! Quests and promotion will last until March 10, 2021.

2021-02-23: Bonuses
Only from 23th until 24th of February reboot:
  • Religion exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards gold x1.5
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • You can summon "Old" pets

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Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10