Anti Spam Policy and Confidentiality Statement

Dark Swords Administration carries on tough intolerance policy regarding unwished e-mails Spamming) from Dark Swords users and other persons.

Have You Received Unwished Mail?

If you are Dark Swords user and you regularly receive e-mails from any Dark Swords user or other persons, or you have entered this site by referral or other link from this kind of mail, please immediately inform about this fact to the support ticket system. (Enclose complete information, so that we could quickly respond).

Sanctions, Applicable to Dark Swords Users, Who Send Unwished Mail

If we discover that you're sending unasked mail, you will be immediately denied from accessing Dark Swords; moreover personal account will be blocked.

Confidentiality statement

High Tower Entertainment (further – HTE) is striving to protect confidentiality of its user’s datas. By making access to the Website or services, provided by HTE, user gives his agreement to the application of rules of collecting and use of datas, given in the statement present.

Pesonal datas, collected on the Website given are used for administration of the work of the Website and for providing the services and execution of operations, requested by user or that are allowed to him.

HTE takes a responsibility for providing security of user’s datas. To acieve this, various technologies and procedures of personal datas protection from unauthorized access, use and disclosure are used.

HTE has a right to disclose personal information, if it is required by law or is based on the conscientious persuasion in its necessity in following cases: а) for execution of requirements of the legislation or court decisions related to HTE or Website given; б) for protection of the rights or property of HTE; в) in extraordinary obstacles for protection of the personal safety of the employees of HTE, of product and services consumers of HTE or of other persons.

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