Christmas events & sales in DarkSwords

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

Only until 10th of January you will get extra 25% Platinum and Palladium and Mogash Marks to your platinum purchase until 24h. Ask dealers for details.

Three new pets await you at the platinum store these holidays:

Snow Genie (700pt) - a complete analogue of a genie with a unique avatar.

Yeti (200pt) - in battle, dispell the effects of the enemy with a 10% chance, and also gives a "Second Chance" when a player dies
The third pet is Reindeer (150pt). He brings items when you dies from monsters, and in a battle with players with a 5% chance, he teleports a defeated enemy to the North Pole! Up to 6 Reindeer summon potions can be used, increasing the chance of deportation to 30%. Does not attack or raise levels.

Traditionally we offer you to take part in Christmas Lottery. This time, we have prepared a lot of good prizes for excellent mood. Three types of lottery will be available: personal - from quests and tasks, platinum for 10pt, palladium for 1pd. All items will be transferable , even with a personal lottery! In the palladium lottery, the number of prizes is doubled, and you can also get a Santa's Bag . List of prizes can be viewed below.
Attention! The lottery can be opened on January 10th as a bottle with a double click. She herself will not open.

Santa Bag (1 item only on pd-lottery) - When used, it places a gift "Santa Bag" in gift slot, which increases the Character's Carrying Capacity by 200%. Validity period - 24 hours
Not Dispelled Effects for Choose (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - Your choice of one non-dispellable potion: Frenzy, Astral Carnival, Bear's Blood, Feline Grace or Owl Wisdom (15 минут)
Stun Bomb (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - For 10 seconds, stuns all characters in the location at the time of use.
Pet Energy Potion (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
Ice Fishing Set (2 items or 4 items in pd-lottery) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
Cults Supplies (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - box with religion potions.
Piece of Cake 15% (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - +15% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
Indulgence (3 items or 6 items in pd-lottery) - Removes one religious defeat from a character
Prism of Spender (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - after opening gives one of bags with Sapphires.
Easy Road Home (4 items or 8 items in pd-lottery) - Teleports character to his home star. Can be used between the continents. Does not take time to recharge.
Dynamite Stick (5 items or 10 items in pd-lottery) - If used on a ship, it instantly provides a catch corresponding to the result of 100 rod throws.
Silent Compass (3 items or 6 items in pd-lottery) - It differs from a regular compass in that it does not notify the Opponent about detection
Showball (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - 4 sec stunning effect for one target. Can be used out of combat.
Santa Gift (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - box with 10 red prisms(non-soulbound).
Past New Year-1 (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - box with 10 "Portal into Past" (380 lvl temp gear).
Past New Year-2 (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - box with another 10 "Portal into Past" (380 lvl temp gear).
Mass Tranquilizer (10 items or 20 items in pd-lottery) - Deprives the enemy and his entire group of the opportunity to escape from the battle.
Druidic Grindstone x200 (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - When harvesting a grown crop, it allows you to cut off an entire bush of plants in a location at one time. In case of a successful attempt, 1 grindstone is consumed.
Light Sanctuary х150 (1 item or 2 items in pd-lottery) - chest with 150 potions of Sanctuary with weight = 1
Roulette Ticket (10 item or 20 items in pd-lottery) - adds roulette tickets

It is possible to deliver gifts only by reindeers in such a weather with snowdrifts. But the Grandpa Winter has a great problem: the deers ran away and the ancient sleigh is broken. He's really not lucky today. Help him gather back all the deers, repair the sleigh. For your help you will get the Winter Souvenir. You can collect Souvenirs or exchange 3 Souvenirs for 50 Sapphires, 7 Souvenirs for the Christmas Lottery.

Every day from December 16 to December 31, from 10 to 13 server time, on the forum < / a> a special task from Grandpa Winter will appear. You need to complete it, take a screenshot and send it to a special mail with a nickname. The letter must be sent before restarting the server. For completing the task, you will receive a Christmas Ball in your inn, which you can use and receive a personal lottery. In Arkijah, Old Man Winter can exchange 15 Christmas Balls for a gift from Grandpa Winter, which will contain 20 lottery tickets and 750 mogash marks and a separate lottery with a very valuable transferable prize (mostly rare pets or expensive potions).
< br> Attention! Alts are prohibited from completing tasks. Only one of your characters!

Owners of premium subscriptions can set New Year backgrounds on the character's page. The backgrounds will continue to work after the New Years, until you change them to others.

Do you like fights and battles? If it so, the following proposal for you! After the New Year we will collect all fight logs from 16th December until 10th January (religious, clan, chaos) and determine the winner by random selection:
  • 5 players will get 10 Lotto Tickets
  • 3 players will get 15 Lotto Tickets
  • 2 players will get 25 Lotto Tickets and 500 pt
  • 1 player will win and get 25 Lotto Tickets, 1500 pt and 3 month PVP Premium subscription.
Every victory in battle is an additional chance to get a reward! We will announce the raffle time at the game site.

24% 26% 25% 25%

Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01