Participate in the Wanted Dead Quest! It starts every evening and continues for 3 hours. During this time a name of the monster and its location will be announced to all players. Only player with active religion level above /0 will be able to participate in this quest by being the first who will find and kill the target. After killing a marked monster player automatically receives a reward: personal Bag of Herbs for selection. In addition, particularly lucky hunters will be rewarded by receiving (or extending) the effect of Divine Reward for 60 minutes.

    With a chance of 5% instead of the bag with herbs, player might receive unique elixir : Elixir of Divine Reward [Soulbound].

    If the quest will select a target that is hard to reach, players can gather funds by using a command \skip_hunt (the cost - 1pt per command, players need to collect 3pt) to hire mercenaries in order to kill this target for them. In this case no reward will be obtained.
    Quest Schedule

    Day of Week Quest Time
    Sunday 09:00 AM GMT
    Monday 06:00 PM GMT
    Tuesday 11:00 AM GMT
    Wednesday 08:00 PM GMT
    Thursday 04:00 AM GMT
    Friday 11:00 PM GMT
    Saturday 02:00 AM GMT

19% 22% 30% 29%


Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10