Essence Essence – a magical substance, that items are saturated or have been saturated with, with a purpose of increasing or addition of magical characteristics, which significantly influence the item's parameters. Miraculous characteristics get added in addition to the characteristics of the item, that it had primordially and do not influence the change of «natural» parameters of item in any way. Each essence has its clear effect from which players decide which essence to apply to a certain item.

Экстрактор To get the essence you will need an «Extractor». Extractor can be bought in Artefact Alchemist shops. Extractor is an instrument of multiple usages. For extraction of the essence the extractor and the item, out of which the essence is extracted, are put into laboratory and the button "BREW" is pressed. If successful, you get an essence. However You may fail- a miraculous item can explode, casting to You a knockdown – a loss of life and impossibility to move from the place for several seconds. The chance to extract the essence successfully depends on durability of the item and is equal to current durability of item/156. When dragging a miraculous item in the inventory over an extractor, the miraculousness of the item will disappear. Extractor, in this case, will not lose durability. Two essences of one type and level of modification can be made into one. The essence received as a result will be of one level higher than the starting essences. To do so you need to place both essences in your inventory on the extractor.

Скрижаль It is possible to "put" the successfully extracted essence on your gear (including artifact). For this you need to buy the blueprint of an items level you going to put an essence on. (Shops where blueprints being sold can be found on this map). The process is following: an item and essence are put on in Laboratory, but a blueprint has to be in the backpack. The addition of essence will take place with the result of 100%. It is impossible to modify one item with more than one essence – its effects replace each other, and the item will be modified with the last essence applied.

Strengthening the wonder items with quintessence.

In order to improve the quality of "essence" it is necessary to make the operation on the initial scald, then produce the quintessence and continue the process of modification.

Evaporator Essence

To create the quintessence you need: Evaporator, 2 essences. Put 1 of the essences and the evaporator into the lab, click "BREW" and get 1 quintessence. Chance of this operation is 100%.

Quintessence Platinum ingot

For item modification you need: Quintessence, Platinum bar (if modificated item is an artifact item) and an item you want to modify. Additional modofication operations are similar to the standard proceedure, though chances of increasing "miraculousness" qualities are 95%. In case of failure item remains without essence modification. Maximum level option for items is +25. Each improvement layer adds 10% of effect to the essence, taking into account an artefact modifier (if an artefact is essenced with Platinum bar). If you chose to improve your gear with a platinum bar, then if you level the item up to "Reign" modification you will need to place a Platinum bar into laboratory. In the future you will no longer need to place the bar into the laboratory, only have it in your inventory. If you have improved the artifact item up to "Reign", you can improve your items with quintessences only if you have platinum bars. Otherwise, your attempts at improving the items will be unsuccessful.

You may also "essence" artefacts without platinum bar, though the essence effect will provide 0 modifier parameters.

24% 26% 25% 25%

Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01