The basic emphasis in development is on base parameter «intelligence».

Priority parameters: «mana», «magic damage», «chance to cast».

Sequence of studying of schools and guilds for the first levels of the character: Development: First levels.

Recommendations on sequence of further development: Development: Builds..

Attacking spells:

«Ice Arrow» (or «Fireball», or «Electroshock») – simple fighting spell;
«Frost Blast» (or «Fire wind», or «Lightning Bolt») – Elite fighting spell;
«Ice Storm» (or «Fire rain», or «Chain Lightning») – mass fighting spell;
«Astral Carnival» - increases «magic damage» effect of the character;
«Wisdom of the owl» - effect increases value of «intelligence» parameter;
«Dispel Magic» - removal of opponent positive magic effects;
«Web» - negative effect which reduces opponent chances to escape from the fight.

Defensive spells:

• «Mana Shield» - effect allows transforming characters’ damage received into mana expenditure at 2:1 ratio;
«Sanctuary» - effect reduces any type of a loss caused to the player by half;
«Steel body» - effect increases value of «constitution» parameter;
«Bear’s Blood» - effect increases Life (HP) of the character;
«Aura of renewal» - effect restores Life at mana expenditure;
«Mirror Shield» - effect reflects a part of damage caused by the opponent;
«Colossal Endurance» - effect increases stability of the character against special skills;
«Iron skin» - the effect giving 5 protective layers against a physical damage;
«Distracted Gaze» - forces opponent to stop fightй;
«Cold resistance» (or Fire resistance», or «Lightning resistance») -reduces the loss effect caused by a certain element by half.

Cure and diseases:

• (Up to 100th level) – cure by a standard «first aid» spell and/or use of «mana shield effect»;
• (Above 100th level) recommended infection – «hysteria» and use of «mana shield»;
• (Not infected character) use of a spell «cure» and/or its mass analogue «heal» for group of characters .

Skills which allow surviving:

«Idigenous tactics» - gives significant increase of «life» at lower levels, which transforms into small increase of «armour» along the characters growth;
«Auto-hypnosis» - allows restoring characters «mana» very quickly while resting;
• «mana shield power» - increases effectiveness ratio of «mana shield» from 2 to 3.

Skills which will help to increase the opponent loss:

«combat magic» - increases nominal damage of spells;
«Dragon head staff» - increases a nominal physical damage of a staff and a final magic damage as consequence.

Skills which will help to cause the opponent loss more effectively:

«Harmony of elements» - allows resisting to «negate element» protective skill;
«Bachelor of magic» - allows using strengthened fighting spells without a pause;
«Spellcasting Prodigy» - allows carrying out combat and peace spells in one tact of fight.

Schools necessary for mage:

School of Mind (and following Middle school of Mind, Elite School of Mind, High school of Mind) - base «intelligence» parameter, which is necessary for character to wear the necessary equipment (Waistcoat, Cape, Hat, Wand) and the weapon (Staff) is raised here;
Guild of Sorcerers (and following Elite Guild of Sorcerers, Academy of Sorcerers) - «magic damage» is raised here and, finishing each guild «Elemental Mastery» skill is studied. 5 levels of an «Astral carnival» spell are studied in Academy;
Guild of Warlocks (and following Elite Guild of Warlocks, Academy of Warlocks) - «chance to cast» parameter is raised here and, finishing the first two «Elemental Mastery» skill is studied. Finishing Academy of Sorcerers’ «Elemental Harmony» skill is studied;
School of Wisdom and following Middle school of Wisdom, Elite School of Wisdom) - raise of «mana» parameter and «dragon head staff» skill is studied.Finishing each School the «Indigenous tactics» skill is studied. At Elite School of Wisdom «Auto-hypnosis» and «Mana Shield Power» skills are studied;
Academy of Combat Magic - rise of «magic damage» parameter, 5 levels of an «astral carnival» spell and the «bachelor of magic» skill are studied;
Academy of Spellcasters - rise of «Sorcery chance» parameter and «Spellcasting Prodigy» skill is studied;

Schools of combat spells:

School of Cold (and following Middle School of Cold, Elite School of Cold) - studied combat spells: «Ice arrow», «Ice storm», «Frost Blast» and protective «cold resistance». The Elite spell can cause opponents «freezing» negative effect, what affects by 1/2 chance to spell and hit;
School of Fire (and following Middle school of Fire, Elite School of Fire) - studied combat spells: «Fireball», «Fire Rain», «Fire Wind» and protective «Fire resistance»; The Elite spell can cause opponents «burning» negative effect, which causes additional damage over several seconds;
School of Lightening (and following Middle school of Lightening, Elite School of Lightening) - studied combat spells: «Electroshock», «Chain Lightning», «Lightning Bolt» and protective «Lightning Resistance»; The Elite spell can cause opponents «Shock» negative effect, which dispel positive effects and raises caused magic damage;

Auxiliary schools for mages:

Guild of Healers (and following Elite Guild of Healers, Academy of Healers) - studied spells are: «Cure», «Heal», «Dispel magic», «Aura of renewal», «Bear’s blood», «Sanctuary»;
Guild of Enchanters (and following Academy of Enchanters) - the spells bearing such effects as «Tiger Strength», «Wisdom of the owl», «Feline Grace», «Steel Body», «Mirror Shield» and «Frenzy» are studied here;
School of Alteration (and following Middle School of Alteration) - spells that cause «Colossal Endurance», «Iron Skin» and «Mana Shield» effects are studied here. «Distracted Gaze» and «Web» spells are studied as well;

Calculation of a final magic Damage:

1. The nominal loss of a spell (the table below) increases by influence ratio of «Elemental Mastery» skill (sixfold increase at 5 levels of skill);
2. Increases by influence ratio of the «Astral Carnival» (increase by 1.5 at 10th level of a spell);
3. «Magic damage»from the right column of characteristics of the character (a sum of the given parameter on all guilds and equipment) multiplied by 1 + basic staff physical Damage in percentage ( «dragon head staff» skill effect is also considered) is added;
4. The range of disorder of a Damage depending on the chosen elements or 30 % in case of the studied «Elemental Harmony» skill is defined.

Nominal damage of spells:
- combat spell: from 10 to 86;
- elite spell: from 184 to 256;
- mass spell: from 42 to 100.

19% 22% 30% 29%


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