Player menu

Players list Players button It's possible to get information about characters, which are in game, any time with the help of player menu, which could be opened by pressing button "Players" on action panel. Player menu contains character name list, which are in the game at the moment; information about characters' religious belonging and characters, which are group leaders, are also pointed here. Character obtained fighting and religious levels are pointed in player menu in the square brackets left from character name. Player menu could be also used for copying character name after text entering for further message sending. Character name, formatted for messages sending, is copied into the text entering line. It's enough to click the mouse pointer on the name in player menu to copy character name into the chat window.

Player list context menu

Player List context menu allows character sorting by level, religion or name, as well as focus window on the chosen character. Mouse right click on character's name opens context menu with additional options:

  • Option "Write message", which copies chosen character name into text entering line in a format, needed for sending personal messages ( analogue of clicking the nickname with the left key);
  • Option"See info" loads the website page with the information on the character chosen: nickname, level, clan membership and religion adopted, avatar, gifts, a place of "registration", пройденные гильдии (if not hiden), clothes put on, personal notes etc.;
  • Options "Friends", "Enemy" and "Ignore" place the character in the group chosen: "Friends" (coloured green), "Enemies"(coloured red) и "Ignore"(not to accept private messages from a acharacter);
  • Option "Filter" allows you to choose which groups of users will be displayed and which not;
  • Last option "Sort" allows you to choose the order of sorting players in list, and also the way how authorized players are displayed (Admin, Moder, Dealer, Helper).

Examination of characters in locations

There's also possibility for player in Dark Swords to examine other player characters, which allows receiving information about characters' equipment, which they wear at the present moment. Chosen character examination is performed with the help of button «Look» on game main screen action panel. The function «Look» opens the window, similar to the one, in which character's inventory is displayed, but it's possible to see only equipment items, which character uses at the moment.

Character Level and Parameter Information

The information about characteristics, parameters and other character's data is kept in parameter menu, which could be opened by pressing the button "Stats" on action panel. Character general parameter menu contains information about his basic, obtained and increased with the help of items and spells characteristics, losses and absorption indexes, hit chances and armour class, sorcery chance and magical losses, health and magical energy and their recovery speed.

The menu also has 3 submenus, which contain information about character special skills (button SKILLS) and spells (button SPELLS), which are available for character, as well as either magical losses resistance indexes (button RESISTANCE).

The basic indexes are indicated in columns BASE, obtained in guilds – GUILD, item modifiers - EQUIPMENT, magical effects, under which influence the character is, - MAGIC, total index values – TOTAL.

24% 26% 25% 25%

Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01