Production of unique items - teleports, weapons or equipment, that anyone can be engaged into, is available from a variety of minerals, which can be found on the expanse of our world.

These minerals are collected at Dwarfs Task-Masters quests. It is necessary to take the quest from the Dwarf in the right area, then within 15 minutes of moving in this area with a definite chance at every step, you'll find the mineral resource typical for definite locality.

Fossil can be found in regions marked with a sign В этой локации можно найти ископаемые List of Regions.

In the game there is available a crafting of unique things that may be performed by anyone desiring.

Items have:
  • Unique picture (provided by customer)
  • Unique name (provided by customer)
  • Unique parameters (set once with the order)
  • Coefficient 0
  • Tenfold durability. Formula: (30+level of thing*30)*10
  • The possibility to be enchanted.

Unique teleports:
  • Can be made for any region, except clan lands and quest locations.
  • Customer provides the name of region for the Teleport.
  • Teleports dont work across continants.
  • Cost of scroll:
  • 50 uses (75 platinum + picture on request)

    15 uses (30 platinum + picture on request)

  • The Resources that are required for crafting these uniques teleports can be found at the resource calculator.

  • Each thing must have two different parameters (excluding jewellery).
  • When breaking an item disappears.
  • Items can not be repaired.
  • With every fifth part of maximum durability, bonus of essences will decline for one stage.

To manufacture an item you need:
  • To prepare the picture of item, the name and get the scroll on manufacture of:
  • 20 uses (50 platinum + picture)

    10 uses (30 platinum + picture)

  • To send the order through dealer.
  • To collect ingridients of recipe and brew them.

Calculation of ingridients for manufacture of things and teleports

Type Level


25% 25% 24% 26%

Forgotten Warriors
White Scorpions

Black Beach
18:21 03/08
Orcish Prison
19:26 03/08
Mutant Farm
18:20 03/08