For helping the druids in the struggle for the freedom of the forest people on a series of quests: Legacy of Druids, Gift of Druids, Posession of Druids you received a generous reward - mysterious celtic «runes». Now with its help you have an opportunity to prepare yourself unique potions and druid artifacts after ancient technologies and recipes that can be found in the Forest Library. This ancient secret knowledge is hidden right in the depth of the Dark Forest at the open spaces of the Rainbow Kingdom.

to view the recipe - left click on the scroll.
Hammer of Thore. Restores durability of the momental artifact up to 500; restores the full durability of crafting item; when used with other types of equipment works similarly to "blacksmith oil".
Abundance of Nature. At 30 minutes, gives the character undispellable effect, in which the following types of work will provide a threefold quantitative result: fishing, herbalism, mining, harvesting (staying in the boat accelerates the spending of the effect of by 4 times).
Grindstones of Druids. When collecting harvest can cut the whole bush of plants in locations at once. In the case of a successful attempt consumes 1 grindstone.

Merlins' boiler. Analogue of the "extractor". Extracts any wonder quality as an essence of Reign.
Tevtatus' boiler. Analogue of the "extractor". Guaranteed extraction of any wonder quality (chance to succeed = 100%).
Wayfarers Guard. Analogue of the "Curse of Greed". Additionaly removes all elixirs (except for platinum) in the inventory of a character that tries to loot the corpse with a certain artifact. The owner gets and additional information on the amount of the elixirs blown up that way.

Wish Bait. Under the influence of this effect a character will dig in a specific price range fish that iturns to be first in his inventory (if a character has no such category fish then the catch will be accidental - as usual).
River Spirit. Under the influence of this effect a character will dig in a fish of one price category higher than the bite (in the catch of the highest price category there will not be any changes).
Dagdas' Curse. Valid only at the "star". A character who last killed the one who was putting the curse gets an invisibility effect for one calendar day under influence of which while fishing he will catch only first (the cheapest) category fish.

19% 22% 30% 29%


Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10