Genes’ Modification is the technology which allows changing (to strengthen or weaken) the effect from the spells imposed on the character: Tiger Strength, Feline Grace, Steel Body, Wisdom of the Owl. For each of the listed spells there is a separate genic modification. In a usual condition, when the character is not under the influence of the modified genes, each spell acts on 100 % (value of a corresponding gene = 10). Modifications of Genes can be done with the use of special elixers(their manufacturing process can be read in section Items : Herbs):

Tiger Strength

Feline Grace

Steel Body

Wisdom of the Owl

Let us use as an example “Tiger Strength” spell.With the use of "Strength gene modification” elixir the casual image defines its change to +1 or -1 from the current condition (as stated above, the initial condition before updating = 10). ). Each use of this elixir occasionally increases or reduces the efficiency of “Tiger Strength” spell by 10% which can be imposed on the character. After first use the character has “Gene of Strength” effect, showing the current condition of the modified gene from 1 to 20:

1 - worst variant, designates 10 % from nominal force of spell;
10 - standard variant, the force of spell corresponds its nominal value = 100 %;
20 - best variant, the most achievable effect from genic updating, the force of spell exceeds its nominal value by 2 times, i.e. = 200 %.

Duration of this effect is 1 hour during this time “Tiger Strength” spell, imposed on the character will have the effect corresponding current genic updating. Each use of an elixir of "Force genes’ Modification”, besides a variation on the unit of value of the "Gene of Strength”, will establish its time of action equal initial, i.e. 1 hour (actually prolongation of action). Recasting of “Tiger Strength” spell will operate while the character is under the effects “Gene of Strength”.

Genic modification of Racial Ability - Changes the characters Racial Ability duration in seconds, is calculated as follows: duration of racial ability 30sec minus 10sec plus genic modification index value(output variety gathers from 20sec to 40sec).

Sanctuary, Mana Shield genic modification - Changes the effect duration Sanctuary or Mana shield in percent proportion, is calculated as follows: genic modification index value minus 10, then multiply by 10% (output variety gathers from 10% to 200%).

Soaking, Reflection, Supression genic modification - Works only in case of character having not less than 10 «Soaking», «Reflection» or «Supression». In this case an index value of genic modification is added to corresponding quality minus 10 (output variety gathers from -10 to +10).




Healing fish soup

The value of the genic modification cannot be less than 1 and no more than 20. Effects of genic updating do not disappear after "death" of the character and cannot be removed by “dispel magic” spell. There are two ways to get rid of action of effects of genic updating - to wait for their disappearance in a natural way or to use a Healing fish soup. The Healing fish soup instantly removes all the effects of genic updating from the character..

Elixir of Divine Genetics

Elixir of Divine Genetics - Increases the chance of successfully using genes by 5% for 1 hour.

Elixir of Quickened Evolution

Elixir of Quickened Evolution - Increases the amount of change, when using the genes, by 1 level for 1 hour. (The effect is +2/-2).

Elixir of Quickened Evolution

Elixir of Gene Longetivity - increases the time of genes level 10 and above by 6 hours.

In the game client, in VIP services tab, there is a genetic subscription available. If you order this subscription, you will receive all genes of level 20 right away. If you have regular genes, the time on them will be "frozen" and will not work until the subscription runs out.

  • 14 days - 20 platinum
  • 30 days - 35 platinum
  • 90 days - 85 platinum

24% 26% 25% 25%

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