So, you have already mastered the client of game. It is time to start the process. Bypass the entire city not leaving for the gate, exploring all the streets in town. If you have chosen city of the registration "Arkijah" will look like this:

Arkijah map

It also is the first location for you - city.

 In DarkSwords, there are three starting cities: Arkijah, the Ruby Fort and Seastone. We will take a closer look at Arkijah.

You are on a star. A star is the central location of the city. Here you will return if you get killed, and this is the place where you will revive. At the initial stages of game, the finding in city gives you still a number of advantages - on a star the god-send (MP) and a life (HP) is more quickly restored. The star is a peace zone. Here it is impossible to attack anybody. Peace zones on cards are designated here by this symbol: Мирная зона. This symbol is a picture of district, near to a card.

Other than a star, peace zones as are: shops, schools, guilds, bank, hotel, a bar and laboratories.

In game there exists two kinds of shops - shops of usual things, they are designated by these symbols:

Dump - dump, junk yard (here it is possible to sell components which get to you after fight with mobs/monsters such as cheese, teeths, internal bodies, etc.).

Weapon shop - weapon shop (here it is possible to buy/sell the weapon: swords, axes, cudgels, staffs, spears and other).

Reservation/armour shop - reservation/armour shop (it is shop for  "heavy" ammunition: boards, helmets, chain armours, directly reservation).

Jeweler shop - jeweler shop (rings and chains are for sale here. Do not neglect them as they give additional parameters to the reservation and protection).

Department store - department store (it is shop for “easy" ammunition like gloves, belts, raincoats, boots, and the foot reservation). Here are on sale.

Magic shop - magic shop (it is specialized shop for magicians selling magic vests, caps and capes. Some of them can give additional quantity of a god-send or reason).

Alchemical shop - alchemical shop (this shop sells various elixirs. Do not buy at the first stages dear элексиров. They are not necessary to you. Now you will accept the most simple and cheap. Besides elixirs for a life (red) and a god-send (dark blue), here as there can be various teleports, tranquilizers and возвращатели, but you do not need to pay attention to them yet).

Scribe shop - scribe shop (in this shop various rolls which will be useful to you in the near future for procooking things on resistance of magic are on sale).

Together with scribe shop it is necessary to explain about laboratory where you can “cook” the things. On a card it is designated here by this symbol: Лаборатория

A number of shops, such as the shop of the reservation, the weapon and so on, are duplicated artifact by shops. Symbols for the artefact shops are highlighted hardly more brightly, than the symbols for regular shops. In the artefact shops it is possible to buy the strengthened things, but to do this you need the games elite type of currency: Platinum. Platinum can be bought from dealers and traders in game for real money. (The following lesson includes more details around paid services in the game.)

Except for shops, in city you will see schools. They are designated by two types of symbols:

Magic schools - magic schools (in them study various elements, treatment, reason)

Military schools - military schools (in them you can lift parameters of strength, constitution, dexterity, study military skills etc.).

These are the places you will need to go to increase the level.

On the map you will see two more zones. They are intended for safe storage of things and money. After you reach level 10 and you get killed your corpse will remain in the spot where you died and you will need to go back and pick it up to get your clothes, things and money. As long as your corpse is not collected by you other players will be able to lift your things from your backpack and money from your corpse. An advice: do not carry a lot around with you.

Your money is necessary to leave in bank Bank where they will be enlisted on your account and nobody except for you can take them away, and your property you can store in the hotel or inn Гостиница.

On the map you can see a bar: Bar Know it only as a zone of the order. You cannot make any actions there. The bar is a clan hotel (the clan system of game will be described in following lessons).

In city, besides peace zones there also exists "the zone of the order" which is all the other space of the city. Here you can fight with mobs. Zones of the order are designated in this way: Peace zone

So, you have opened a map and have learned what designate what symbol.

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Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10