Items and equipment are very important for character development in Dark Swords. Clothes, weapons and jewelry are available in shops and as trophies, obtained for victories over world inhabitants and monsters. There are also items, which play subsidiary part - various potions, recipes and components, used for item creation or upgrade. The detailed information could be obtained by holding the mouse pointer over item image on information panels, inventory window or shop interface. For clothes, defensive means, jewelry this could be armour class, additional characteristics, changed while using the item, indexes, as well as requirements made to character, who wants to use the item. The main weapon indicator is the losses produced, besides here additional features and certain requirements, for character using weapon, could exist.

All items in Dark Swords have price and could be sold in shops, many items are available in shops, as well as world inhabitants and monsters periodically have them. It should be remembered that different equipment effects and bonuses are also applied to NPC, which possess them. You can choose suitable equipment and find out the location of the necessary object in - Items: Trophies

Peculiarities of items and equipment

Different items and elements of equipment in DarkSwords have its distinctive qualities and peculiarities. Very often to know peculiarities of this or that item (weapon), it is necessary to get to know the skill, related to this item. Peculiarities of items and armour and a short description of the skills needed to use it successfully are listed in - Items: Types of weapon

Shields and magical wands – means of defense for warriors and magicians should be highlighted separately. The chance that the stroke of the enemy will hit the shield or magical stick is 10%. With this the loss of the stroke decreases for the value of defense of the Shield measured in percents. That value depends directly from the Reflecting Shield skill level, while minimal value is 1/10. Likewise, when striking the shield with the index of Defense of 20 the loss of the stroke for the character that hasn’t acquired the skill decreases for 2%.

Character Requirements

Either item use could be limited with the help of the system of requirements, which have to be satisfied, so that the character could use the item. These are requirements to character general level or its characteristics; items, which requirements are not satisfied by character, can't be used.

The main limitation of this kind is character fighting level. All armour and weapon are divided on the basis of minimum level, by reaching which, it's possible to use them (wear or arm themselves). Besides this, every type of weapon has limitation on one of character main characteristics: for swords and mauls - Strength; for axes and spears - Constitution; for staffs - Intelligence; for knives - Dexterity. Some equipment items also have additional limitation: helmets and armour - Constitution; cloaks - Dexterity.

Healing potions use requirements in Dark Swords are fulfilled in recommendation style, restrictions on their use are connected, in contrast to other items, with maximum, not minimum, bounds. There are several kinds of healing elixirs that can be viewed in details in - Items: Healing potions. If character, which uses the potion, level is lower or equals minimum threshold for this potion type, health index will be completely restored; if character level is higher than upper threshold - only 10 health units are restored. Potions efficiency on character, which level is within the bounds of limitation, varies: the closer character level is to lower limitation threshold, the more health index restores.

Items Creation and Improvement

Dark Swords gaming mechanism provides ample opportunities for items creation and improvement by players themselves. The technologies of armour reinforcement, in the way of elemental magic resistance increase and wizard staff improvement; as well as, of course, intermediate processes of production, which result are necessary in other processes components - runes, are accessible to them. The initial material for many alchemic technologies and for runes production is inhabitant and monster remains, and other items, which are main goods in junkman shops in dumps. You can view recipes and necessary components in – Items: Recipes

Modified items

Sometimes some monsters carry with them so called "modified" or "miraculous" items. Such items can have unusual and non-standard characteristics or even have a special magical power. There are five levels of modification power in total: of miracles, condescent, fabulous, attentive and reign. If you knock out of the monster a modified item, its title will definitely contain one of these words. The higher is the power of modification, the more additional parameters the item will provide.

Miraculous items can empower players in a mighty way, however it has also its minuses – it is short-lived. Such items have a concept of "durability". The index of durability (current and maximum) can be seen when pointing mouse indicator to the item. Weapon (swords, axes, spears etc.) loses one durability unit with every stroke you make, magical weapon (staffs) – with every second stroke, but different armour and clothes – with every successful hit on you.

More detailed information on modified items and possibilities it provide can be found in the section of encyclopedia Items: Miraculous Items.


In Dark Swords side by side with ordinary equipment items and weapon there's an artifact system - epic items, which have unique powers and characteristics. Dark Swords artifact items are divided into 2 categories – immediate and personal. The 1st category artifacts production recipes are available in elite shops on the whole territory of DarkSwords world and have no cost in gold, but could be purchased only for platinum. The 2nd category personal unique artifacts are created in one copy and don't have analogues in the world, have the ability to improve according to the character, which they belong to, level, and don't leave their owner without his wish (details on platinum purchase and Dark Swords additional services in section Articles: Chargeable Services).

The unique parameter for the artifacts is the reinforcement coefficient - the value which defines the superiority of artifact of ordinary items. Personal unique artifacts can have higher reinforcement coefficient and therefore higher value (on EU server from 0.4 to 1.0 coefficient). You can find more detailed information on artifact creation in Items: Artefacts

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