Laws of the world of DarkSwords

The world of dark swords, as any world has its simple set of rules, that are very undesirable to break. For breaking the rules of the world, a sign "Out of law" appears on the image of the character. Characters marked in this way can be attacked no matter of their level in any areas excepting peaceful (shops, guilds etc.). Character can be announced out of law for the following violations:

  • Healing and imposing useful incantations on monsters;
  • Healing and imposing useful incantations on violators (players out of law);
  • Apprilcation of the skill Dexterity of Hands for the characters of players(whatever result of the incantation would be);
  • Stealing of stranger’s corpses(the theft is not allowed Up to 10th level including; the attempts to rob the corpse of the member of the clan, which member is the character, are not consequenced with the flag "out of law" in case if the character – the owner of the corpse is present in the game at the moment; it is also possible to collect the corpses of the players who your character is married to);

If you have received a mark "Out of law", we recommend you to hide in any of the guilds, shops or in the "star" in order not to be attacked. As in any rules, there are exceptions. Characters do not get marked with the flag "Out of law":

  • If they rob the corpses of other players in Chaos areas;
  • If owners of the corpses were killed by them or by the members of their groups;
  • If owners of the corpses at the moment are present in a game and are members of one clan;

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Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01