Referral System.
Each player can receive additional bonuses for attracted players. To use it you should go into account management of your character and click the "EARN MONEY!" There is a link that you should give to your friends and acquaintances. After registering, you will receive 10% of the gold they spent on raising the usual (50% to 500-level), and religious guild levels.

Mentor System.
You can get a 10% bonus of the cost of raising combat and religios levels of players that you helped to settle in our world. In order to do this you must send the proposal to the player to be your mentor, by selecting the appropriate option from the popup menu when you right click on the character's nickname. The student should be in the location of the "Golden Potion Shop" of Arkijah town in order to accept your offer. Any player who is below 200-level and do not have a mentor can become a student. After graduation of the student (becoming level 200) you will start getting 10% bonus of the cost of his/her raised levels. Using this formula (your level / 20) you can calculate how many students you can simultaneously teach.

We recommend a reasonable approach to this possibility. Before the offer to become a teacher, get to know with the player, explain to him the essence of your proposal.
Please keep in mind, that the more you make a new player interested in the game, the longet he/she will stay in our World, will be playing and of course the more bonuses you will be able to get throughout his/hers games life. Using this system with the purpose of cheating will be investigated and punished by the administration.

Mentors Rating.
There is a weekly a Mentors rating which displayes five best coaches that receive substantial bonuses to the parameters of their characters. Rating depends on the levels of your students. I.e. to be most effective you should not "throw away" the student after reaching the 200-level, and to continue his/her teaching and advice about the mechanics of the gameplay. The more students you got and the higher their level, the more rating points you will get. Bonuses received during the week (distributed on Monday):

Place Bonus
1st 25% to life, 25% to mana. (7 days duration)
2nd 20% to life, 20% to mana. (7 days duration)
3rd 15% to life, 15% to mana. (7 days duration)
4th 10% to life, 10% to mana. (7 days duration)
5th 5% to life, 5% to mana. (7 days duration)

Mentor competition among clans.
Clan rating is calculated based on the amount of personal ratings of mentors that are a part of this clan. In order for a clan to be able to compete for a leading position effectively, there is a clan recruiting system in place. If a mentor is in the clan and takes a pupil, the student automatically becomes a recruit of the clan. Recruits can see clan chat (this feature is disabled by default, it is controled by the leadership of the clan), thus being already in a community, learners can ask questions and get answers in a clan chat that is very useful, because the mentor is not always "online" to help them.

Clan, whose members in totall have scored the most points for training during a week, gets the title of Academic clan - all the participants issued with a bonus gift +5% to life and mana for 7 days. Clan Recruits will appear in game with reduced clan logos in azure frame. If you don't want your students to be recruits of the clan, you can exclude them using the usual command to expel from the clan, which is available to the leader.

24% 26% 25% 25%

Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01