• Each clan, that which has not spent their siege attempts for the week has an opportunity to siege one of the regions of the game world. The exceptions are clan castles and roads (regions without inhabitants).
  • Siege is declared by Head of the clan using a special function in the command bar "Apply for the siege of the region. ". Clan can participate in a maximum number of sieges per week determined by its Clan Level.
  • Clan cannot besiege a territory if the resulting sum of maximum monster levels on this territory and other lands the clan controls will be higher than the limit allowed by its Clan Level.
  • Clan owning the territory gets a percentage in gold and platinum from the activities of players in that region: the sale of items in the stores, raising levels in the guilds. Also, the clan that owns a territory will receive 1 of 20 dropped items from monsters - the equivalent in gold (considering the tax collection, i.e. 80% of its price), or the item will go in the clan warehouse if it has a place (can be switched with the command \clan_land_tax, that effects on all territories of the clan). From the moment of capture dividends can be found in Siege section.
  • The siege begins a day after it was declared and lasts for 1 hour. During this time, the head of the clan must be in the besieged region, standing in a location with a flag and use the spell "Raise the Flag" from the panel of Magic. The time of the cast is 5 minutes, during which the clan leader may not use non-combat spells. The flag can not be raised under the influence of racial ability of "Impregnability". Change of the clan leader during the siege is not desirable - the new leader cannot set a flag for 24 hours since transfer of leadership. After the system reports the capture of the region, the siege is considered completed.
  • Another way to win a siege is simply killing the members of opposing clans. If during the siege the amount of opponents killed reaches 50 the siege is over and the territory goes to the clan that got 50 kills.
  • After the siege starts, members of both clans can attack each other in any region.
  • There are five states of the siege: "Peace" - means that the region is controlled by a clan. "Open" - which means that nobody owns the region. "Besieged" - means that a clan intends to take possession of this region. "War" - meaning that the siege is in progress at this very moment. "Pause" - which means that during the day there have been an attempt to capture this region and in this period it is not possible to apply for the siege.
  • In the event of the region being in Peace for a long time, the monsters can "inflict a riot in your area" and try to capture it. Your task is to prevent any of the monsters stand in a cell with a flag for more than five minutes. At the siege that involves monsters (attack or defense) only members of the attacking or defending clan can fight monsters on the cell with the flag. Battles between players in this area are only on the principles of clan wars with some modifications: monsters appoint a siege at a certain time and within the hour they choose the time to attack. Attack of the Monsters lasts 15 minutes during which the monsters are trying to place the flag.
  • If your attempt to capture the region was unsuccessful, then you can apply again in 14 days, or after failed attempting to change a host of the region by other clans.
  • There is no "attack restrictions" between the attacker and defender clans (i.e. fight is possible even between 1 and 500 level characters).
  • A war will be declared automatically to the owner territory when applying for a siege. If the clan to which you have declared the siege is in the alliance and take you declared war, then you'll automatically be at war with all its alliance.
  • If your clan has applied for the siege and loose in one of the clan wars till the siege, the siege is automatically considered as canceled.
  • When the siege involving two clans, only this two sides can battle one another in the cell of the flag.
  • The head of the clan controlling the territory can move the flag into a convenient point in the region with the command \ set_hq. This feature is not available during the siege.
  • With a command \ siege_time "x" - the head of the clan can set the time period of 18 hours when your clan can be challenged for a siege, during the remaining six hours your territory can not be besieged.

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