Welcome to the world of Zodiac – the newest and the hardest area of Dark Swords.

To be able to reach the Gates of Zodiac, you need to complete the quest “Circle of Zodiac” (min level: 300), which can be taken from Stargazer at Black Castle. For the quest completion you need to finish 12 tasks of world citizens and collect 12 Dream Stones. Read carefully the tasks text, then you will be able to understand what to do to complete the quest.
Attention! Completing quests once, you are able to repeat them after 24h in any order.

After completing the quest “Circle of Zodiac” you receive 5 soul bound teleports to Gates. Using the teleport, you will be automatically born on star of Zodiac Gates. You will meet the first Heaven Citizen, which will be able to give you two tasks: one will give you teleport to Black Town (with automatic born set there), completing second task, you will be teleported to one of the Zodiac Portals (randomly, it means that it is possible that group of people will get teleported to different squares). Exiting from portal you will land onto location named Perimeter of Zodiac, from there you can get to one of the 12 Houses.
Attention! At portals pressing button “downstairs”, you will get to Gates of Zodiac (i.e. you will get back)!

Note, that different Houses are meant for different levels. Heaven Citizen and Guards of Zodiac (agro monster) live in Houses. You need to kill Heaven Citizen’s until you receive a message (everyone at Zodiac location sees the message too) which after sometime House Owner will appear (Aries, Cancer, Taurus and etc.). Killing the House Owner, with 100% of chance you receive one of 19 scrolls for gear or weapon creation. From each Owner only one type of scrolls can be dropped, for example, Aquarius – has scroll of Aquarius for items creation of 340th level. Items created according to these recipes are tradable, but have limited durability.

19% 22% 30% 29%


Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10