During the long years an avid magician Dr. Cronus mixed different animals and creations with each other to create a new generation of mutants. But not all of his creations were simply stupid and strong as everybody thought before. Not long ago, the new generation of intelligent mutant with the gift of a magical abilities were appeared. Cronus did not expect such result, and at first was very pleased with himself, until he realized that these mutants do not want to be like puppets in his hands. To avoid further problems, cruel warlock had transferred them to a separate island, and locked in his darkest and securest prison Maag'atral. After that, all mutants were encased in enchanted shackles and set a Warder for each of them.

This would have ended the existence of the latest generation of intelligent mutant. If the outcast leader Mogash will not appear. As a favorable result of one of the first experiments, he was able to gain knowledge before mutants were expelled. Therefore, he was also able to break the shackles on the way to Maag'atral when Cronus charms were too vulnerable.

Now Mogash calls to arms the most desperate daredevils over the world to make a rebellion at island-prison and free his brothers from the shackles. Perhaps, you have interested in this dangerous adventure...

Quest is available for players level 100 and above. After announcement from Administrator in public chat every player the appropriate level, who is online, will automatically receive a personal item – Teleport to Maag'atral. From this moment starts counting the quest of time, which will last 15 minutes. If you want to take a part it is necessary to immediately use the teleport, and then your character will appear in quest zone (upon completion of the quest all participants will be transferred to the usual place of birth).

Quest area is a chaos zone. Among other players, there will be two types of monsters: Prisoner and Warder. Prisoners are the monsters, which can not be attacked (you are saving them!) and the Mutant Warders are usual monsters 25lvl, that can drop Shackles Key (didn't drop under asceticism effect). This key is also usual item, which can be looted from corpses. Try to collect them as much as possible by killing Warders or other players.

We advise you go to Black Beach region and talk with fleeing outcast leader Mogash after finishing the quest, when all players will be transffered from the quest area. He will exchange your Shackles Keys for Mogash Mark at the rate of 100:1. There also located the store where you can spend the Mogash Marks for useful alchemy. Take part in quest every day and get as more marks as you can.


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Twilight Bay
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Dead Rock
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Everspring Town
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