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2006-12-24: Christmas Bulletin.
1. Attention ! To All players From December 31st to January 1st all mobs will drop 4 times the amount of gold they normally drop! This is for all players all levels!

2. In artifact jewelry stores now are special socks these are lottery items and everyone wins, buy any quantity of these socks and on New Years Eve each stocking will turn into a special artifact for the chosen level (this is for all levels) and modified from 0.2 up to 0.45.

3. On new years eve midnight for everyone devoted to this game and in the game at midnight will recieve a small but pleasant suprise.

Attention !!! All players on DarkSwords ! Starting December 24 to December 26 all Mobs will give 3 Times the amount of gold they normally drop.

2006-12-15: Personal Artifacts!
Attention to all in DarkSwords the Gods have given us a new Store where you can modify and make your own personal Artifacts!
At this store the artifacts you make are only for you and no one else they cannot be sold or traded they are only for you by you special for you!
These artifacts can be upgraded again and again as you grow so go there now people to see this gift from the Gods!

1. Added Distracted Gaze spell (School of Alteration, Middle School of Alteration). Using this one on a monster or another PC (as in player character) will cause the target to calm down, effectively stopping any quarrel between your character and the target. It cannot be used on players that you do not currently fight. However, it can be used on any monster no matter if you fight them or not. Duration is 21-30 seconds. High Intelligence score of the caster will help to penetrate targets resistance and high Intelligence score of the target will make it less vulnerable to this spell. Distracted Gaze cannot be used while under effect of Tranquilizer. The default target for this spell is the character being currently attacked by the caster.
2. Added Web spell (Guild of Warlocks, Elite Guild of Warlocks, Academy of Warlocks). This spell enables caster to weave a magical web upon the target effectively preventing it from moving around. Characters and monsters with high Strength score will find it easier to break free from the webs.
3. Added Defensive Stance passive skill (Guild of Vindicators), which allows the character to parry incoming physical attacks with a certain chance, which goes higher if the character is equipped with a shield.
4. Misses with attack spells will cause your character to do 50% of usual magical damage instead of 0. Also, the formulae used in calculating magical damage output have been changed to more closely reflect the description given in the Encyclopedia. To be exact, the half of raw spell damage is now both added (as a percentage increase) to the Magical Damage of the character and raw spell damage of the spell, resulting in slightly higher spell damage output.
5. Corrected skill checks for Stun, Open Wounds, Disarm, Backstab and Stealth skills. Also fixed an irritating error with physical attack "chance to hit" calculation.
6. Iron Skin spell now protects the character imbued by it from Stun and Open Wounds effects. It does not however protect the character from being disarmed.
7. Typing gra "message" will send a message to everyone in the world for a measly cost of 5 platinum.
8. Typing notell will toggle the private messages refusal mode. This doesnt affect the messages not sent directly to your character, or sent by Heroes, Administrators or Helpers.
9. Monsters have been made a little more intelligent resulting in them occasionally switching their target to characters, that are healing their (monsters) opponents in the case when these characters are engaged in a fight with the monster. They will not attack player characters that heal their opponents while staying out of combat.

2006-11-27: Attention!
This is a one time notice, anyone caught or found to be using friends or making deals and or aggreements to make religious kills between 2 or more people for the purpose of attaining, getting or achieving religious points other than the rules specified acts of war will be considered cheating and those religious points will be removed and the people involved will be jailed by the Inquisition Clan.

2006-11-24: 24.11.06 Lucky Days!
All warriors, mages and people of DarkSwords, a new age is upon us as the old Gods have been killed by a more powerful and righteous group of Gods! Starting november 24th, and continuing permanently...
All humanoid mobs (non animal), killed on friday 6 am to sunday 6 am will drop 4 times the amount of gold, normally dropped! Only for 0..50 levels!
More amazing and exciting news coming soon!

Due to technical problems, some players did not recieve e-mail with registration information. If you experience the same problem, please e-mail Dont forget to specify your nickname and e-mail you used for registration. We apologise for any inconvinience caused.

If you are an experienced player, and you are willing to participate in development of our server, you are ready to undertake the big responsibility and not afraid of spending lots of time explaining novice players the basics of the gameplay or moderating game chat, if you want to try yourself in a new role - well, then you definitely should pay attention to this news.
We offer you a vacancy in a support service of DarkSwords (Heroes).
- Exellent knowledge of all aspects of the game process
- Fluent english
- An ability to spend minimum 5 hours per day in the game
- Politeness, patience
- Punctuality
- Discipline
- An ability to work in team

If you feel that you meet all requirements, please send your CV to Please specify your age, education, languages you know, occupation, location (or time zone), experience in game and(or) moderating. The CV written on any language except for english will be ignored.

2006-10-08: 08.10.06 World Map
Dear players. We try to do the utmost for comfortable game on our server, therefore we proudly represent you a full and detailed map of the world of DarkSwords. Near the name of each location levels of the monsters living there are specified. Attention! If the level of the monster is shown by a red font, it means, that the monster is aggressive. Explore the world of DarkSwords, visit locations you havent visited before, fight new and mighty monsters! The map can be found here.

From this moment the test period is completed, and our server begins scheduled work. Taking into account that this server is european, the basic language of chatting here is English. Speaking any other languages in the common chat is forbidden. Notice, that in private chat you are free to speak any language convenient to you.


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