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You can find the schedule for a upcoming Team Tournament on League of the Phoenix page. You can find more info on the DS forum.

Due to the DS 4 years anniversary the Team Tournament will be held on 4 of November. The applications for this even are still open and we expanded the team count to 12. You can apply by filling out the application on forum.
To all Captains! Please keep an eye on forum and stay in touch with Admin EU.

To celebrate this occasion on a 27 of October till 3 of November in addition to double experience and gold gained for killed creatures everyone on their login will receive a present that will grant you a double damage in fights against monsters and +10% of your HP & MP.

During the event all elderly pets will regain their youth.
Also in the Artifacts Alchemist Shop you will be able to buy a new exclusive familiar potion that will allow you to summon a Genie. By all characteristics Genie is similar to an ordinary familiar, but it has all the abilities of the Manul, Polar Fox and Wolf. The exclusive familiar is a limited offer so please hurry to the Shop if you want to get one!
If a player who already have a pet will summon a Genie it will replace it and keep all its stats as lvl, satiety, HP, name and avatar of a previous pet. You will receive a potion with your original pet back, but please make sure that there is a room in your inventory before summoning a Genie.

2010-10-25: New patch is coming.
Tomorrow after a server restart a new patch will be applied on the server. Changes and fixes:
  • Big Game Hunters and other updates (description was given earlier ).

  • Familiar Damage (description was given earlier ).

  • Locations of "Stairways to Heaven" fixed in which the time of magical buffs that were applied on a character didn't stop its count down.

  • A bug was fixed that led to magical effects disappearance of a gift items.

  • A bug was fixed were a character would not start the fight with an attacker who has an Impregnability mode active.

  • 540 lvl character will give a 100% of earned experience for killing a monster to his\hers familiar (it was 50% before).

  • Inn capacity has increased to 100 (600 for an expanded inn) cells.

  • The max weight of items in the inn have been raised to 200 + Your characters lvl *2 (6000 + Your characters lvl *2 for an expanded inn).

2010-10-20: Familiar Damage.
Soon there will be a change in damage system of your familiar, it will depends on the damage and quality of the weapon in your character's right hand. Without any weapon in your character's right hand your familiar will have it's usual damage.

Particularly lucky hunters of Wanted dead quest will be rewarded with the extra effect of Divine Reward. From now on Rest and Stealth can be also used from a spell book (menu "Magic").

We are happy to announce that a registration for the 1st Team Tournament "League of the Phoenix" is open! Team Captains can register for the tournament on the forum. Get your team ready and good luck!

2010-10-11: Race reset service.
We would like to bring to your attention the price reduction for "Character Race and starting parameters reset". The price: 100 platinum (the standard price - 250 pt). Just to remind you that you can request this service at and to use your acquired right to change the race go to Reset Utility.

2010-10-06: Religious "Hearts"
From the next server restart (7 of October) items classed as "Sinner/Zombie/Deadman/Repentant Heart" same as "Platinum Heart" can be used only in locations called "Stairways to Heaven" and similar to them.

2010-09-29: Announcement!
This is a friendly reminder to all players about use of 3rd party programs in DarkSwords game. Any use of 3rd party programs in the game is strictly forbidden and players that will be caught using such programs will by severely punished.

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