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Magic effects on characters will no longer expire when the characters are in Save Zones. This excludes Stun, Knockdown, Weakness, Disembowel and Searing Pain effects.

2010-05-20: Platinum Purchase.
Platinum purchase by Credit Cards will be up again at 1PM GMT today.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

2010-05-18: Server is Up!
Please download new client revision at the file section in order to play the game.

2010-05-15: Mentor system changes
  • Now characters can be mentored until lvl 199
  • Maximal amount of pupils a player can mentor now has been increased to ( level/20).ie. 400/20 = 20
  • Minimal level for mentor system participation remains the same at lvl 200.

  • 2010-05-01: Mental Hit
    Mental hit has been brought in line with other magical damage dealing abilities. It's damage now is roughly equal to the character's Magical Damage score.

    Changes to 'burning' effect of the FireWind spell from School of flame have been made. Damage sustained from burning is now increased by reactivation of the burning effect, minimal damage from burning will be equal to 5% of the opponent's health. This is limited by the characters maximum magic damage value.

    2010-04-02: April 6th changes

    From April 6th, 2010 the following changes to the system of private technologies ordering are made:

    - weapons and equipment production technologies in two options to choose from:
  • 20 pages (50 platinum + picture)

  • 10 pages (30 platinum + picture)

  • - Teleport production technologies:
  • 50 pages (75 platinum + picture on request)

  • 15 pages (30 platinum + picture on request)

  • The durability of all craft items (private technologies and Zodiac equipment), produced after April 6th inclusive, will be calculated with a ratio of 5, instead of 10 as at present. That way all craft samples, produced earlier, will still have greater durability of deterioration. In addition to the production system the operation of Damage and Magic reflection has been changed. Details on the data changes are to be found on the forum.

    2010-03-18: New Updates

  • 1. Elixir of Divine Reward affects familiars experience gain from killing monsters same way as players.

  • 2. Horn of Plenty now affects standard catch as well as unique catch (Golden fish, ancient amphoras)

  • 3. Hammer of Hephaestus does not restore durability of momental created artifacts anymore.

  • 4. Under effect of Hidden Equipment Stats, other players will not be able to see list of picked items by you.

  • 5. We have fixed use of Bouquet of cammomiles - use it as any other potion from your inventory to receive 3 lottery daises. ( It is neccessery to have 3 free spaces in your inventory).

  • 2010-03-03: Reporter needed
    We are currently looking for a reporter for the cross server tournament this coming March 6, if you are intrested please speak to SugarDaddy in game, or Forum PM AdminEu. Upon a successful selection of a reporter, payment will be discussed. closed

    Religion season has ended, if you do not want to participate in the chance for the gold jackpot, then you must spend your tourney points in the Gold potions in ark, you have until tomorrows server reboot to do so.

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    Forgotten Warriors
    White Scorpions

    Black Beach
    18:21 03/08
    Orcish Prison
    19:26 03/08
    Mutant Farm
    18:20 03/08