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  • A chance of drop of trophies, weapon and gear from killing an unique monster has increased to 10 times.

  • Recipes for "Deads Scroll" and "Healing Soup" have become easier to make.

  • After restart, humonoid type monsters will have one weapon and one armor with appropriate level range of Monster to weapon ( unique monsters will have dark items ). Every server restart will select new set of items. There are some items in which this change will not affect ( for example, Anubis Amulet, will only be possible to be looted from Anubis).

    We have added new items to Artifact Alchemist - Platinum Quintessence ( an alternate of Godly Quintessence) and Elixir of Repentance ( when you use it adds one “skull” – mark of religion death without the loss of experience and raitings, have to be used on city “Star”).

    Tournament tickets now being sold at Alchemy of Arkijah, Ruby Fort and Seastone towns.

    We have added some changes in the tournaments at the stage “Free-For-All” – each tact of timer maximal amount of HP and MP all of participants will decrease from 100% to 10% by 10% Decretments.

    We have been working hard to bring you the best experience in playing Dark Swords. As such, we have been working on some client issues and some possible solutions, the link provided will take you to a forum post where some of the more major issue's will be listed and some solutions have been addressed.

  • Returners and search parties

  • Cost of “Search party” lowered to 1 platinum. Cost of Returners lowered to 1 platinum. Recipe for Returners have become easier to make.

  • Religion Carnival

  • At artifact alchemist, religion masks have been added for sale. Religion mask – changes religion of the character according to the mask type. (duration 3hr of online time). Mask can be used only at town “star”. The character who is under the mask effect becomes the religion of that mask, but takes part in his “real” religion ratings. Effect does not disappear upon the character death or upon the use of “dispel magic” spell. You can return your “real” religion back when the effect of the mask wears off, or using your “real” religion masks. This will occur on next server restart

  • Battle System

  • From now on, when you die from a monster, equipped gear and weapons will not be dropped at the character’s corpse, but will stay on the character.

  • Quest "Elixer of pure fun"

  • We have added 7th part of the quest “Elixer of pure fun”, in which you can change Scroll of Squirrel Happiness to the Scroll of Raccoon Happiness, using it you can receive an elixir, which gives a bonus of additional manna, instead of HP.

    2010-02-08: Internet Maintenance
    Our ISP have warned us that there could be 5-30 minutes connectivity problems during Feb 10, 00:00-01:00 GMT time. We are sorry for any inconvience this may cause.

    2010-02-02: Updated Information
  • New Religion Season starts today

    Some changes in Elf Race:

    • The formula for calculating the final damage is aligned with a similar formula for calculating the Damage of Orcs. This new formula will not affect the Backstab damage .
    • Under the influence of elf racial ability in battle the chance to do a backstab will be increased by 5% each cycle until a backstab has occured. When the backstab works, its chance returns to basic and start's inceasing again.
    • Elfs racial ability will no longer allow the character to ignore target's shield blocks.
    • Ignorence of parry and suppression under elfs racial ability remains the same.
    The update is in test phase.

  • 2010-02-02: Love is in the Air
    Starting today, for the next 6 days any weddings booked for the 14 Feb ONLY will be 1/2 price. This is a great chance to marry your DS Partner's. So get out the plat and book your weddings though our great pastors who have willingly given their time to do this service for you on this day of love.

    Congratulations to the Top three winners of this month's Tournament season

    1. Rommel97

    2. Adro

    3. Quixote

    The top 20 competitors recieved a share of the gold Prize

    2010-02-01: Snowball Competition

    Winner of the Snowball gift giving Competition is Outlawd, Congratulations on behalf of DS Staff and the players.

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    Forgotten Warriors
    White Scorpions

    Black Beach
    18:21 03/08
    Orcish Prison
    19:26 03/08
    Mutant Farm
    18:20 03/08