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Enjoy 2x XP until January 3rd - now you can level even faster!
Chests were added into the game. You can get them in Artifact Alchemist store.
Description of chests will be added shortly.
Snowball gift were added: you can get them in the gifts section. Show your fellow player some love!

Monsters now drop more gold than usual, and you can kill them faster with the 2x damage!
Active until 2nd of January.

2011-11-30: 3x gold until Friday!
With everything sorted out, we have now introduced a 3x gold until Friday, December 2.
Get all the gold you can!

2011-11-24: New client version
Client version is now available.
Please update your client as soon as possible.
You can download the new client HERE

Dear players,

Today we say thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives and for our beloved family and friends. Therefore, the developer team and administration would like to thank you for your support.
To say thanks, we will make the gold drop 2x for today. Enjoy it while it lasts! Once again, thank you.

Dear Players!
Please be careful, as tonight is a Halloween night! At this particular moment spiritual World becomes much stronger and you can see spirits wandering the lands of the living. If you would like to join them and try to scare your friends, you can pick out a costume on Facebook or Forum. You will be able to wear it later today.

Since it's Halloween we have stocked our store with a new gift - "Trick or Treat Candy ". You will be able to get them for your friends or yourself for 1 platinum each and at the end of the event the top 10 with the most candies wins! The winners will get "Halloween Pumpkin" as a prize. More details will be given later. Happy Trick or Treating everyone!

Dear Players,
from the next server restart and till 1st of November by entering the game you will receive a 5 years Anniversary of DarkSwords EU medal as a gift. Also a big surprise will await you.
What it is? You will find out when you get it! Happy Birthday DarkSwords!

Dear players!

It's a Happy news, the DarkSwords EU World is having it's anniversary the 5th Birthday. We will be celebrating it for two whole weeks and it already started! There will be double damage, experience and gold for monsters on the tables and don't forget, that there will be gifts as well! Everyone is invited, the dress code is casual and the only thing you have to bring with you is your good mood!

There will be also a great surprise for everyone on 24th of October, it was long awaited and requested by everyone, but we will not going to spoil the surprise just yet.

Happy Birthday DarkSwords!

Dear Players!

In order to celebrate The 5th year anniversary of DarkSwords EU server a lottery will be held. Now you can get a "Birthday Hat" at any Platinum Alchemist shop in the game. You can find the list of the prizes on the Lottery page.

  • From now on crafted items and their recipes can't be stolen by "Sleight of hands" or looted from corpses of other players.
  • The Zodiac gear however can be looted and stolen from players, so please be careful!
  • Now Personal artifacts do not suffer 10% durability loss after character's death.
You can discuss this update on the forum.

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Dragon Slayer

Bone Gate
20:40 29/01
Rose Garden
20:49 29/01
Pearl Peninsula
20:26 29/01