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Level your pet for -25% in gold!
Active until 26th January 2014 - turn your pet from a kitten to a killer!

2014-01-17: Password reset
Hello there! Your password and PIN has been reset.

No worries - you can easily restore password via the "Forgot password?" button in the client.
If you are still having issues with the password - make a ticket with our support service:

Keep in mind that due to projected increase in volume, the delay in response will increase, but we will do my best to help you out as soon as possible.

2014-01-17: Player offline
If any player loses connection to the server, they will be given "Disconnected" status (which disappears when the player reconnects).
If the character is in battle, and the server loses connection to the player for more than 5-7 minutes, and is forced to remove the player from the game, when the player gets removed, all stats will be changed to 1, after which the server removes player from the game and saves their profile.

2014-01-09: Snowball to the face!
With the winter focusing its power on North America this year, the world of DarkSwords has been left out. Not anymore! You can now throw snowballs at each other!

Snowballs are available for all players. To throw a snowball at someone, go into the Gift Shop (on the website, by clicking the Settings button, enter login/password and click on Flowers and Presents link), then click on the image of a snowball and choose the recipient. By having at least one snowball in character's inventory, their HP/MP will increase by 5% until 8 February 2014 (regardless of when the snowball was given, or how many snowballs the character has.! The first snowball is free to send, but all consecutive snowballs sent will cost 1pt each. The character which until 8 February 2014 has the most snowballs, will receive +14% HP or +14%MP for a whole year!

Characters below level 50 or registered after 1 December 2013 will not receive a free snowball!

Snowballs can also be given from within the game, but remember that if you do so, you will not be able to give a free snowball, if you had one! Also, alchemy shops have chests of 3, 10, 50, and 100 snowballs with discounts!

20% discount on creating or upgrading a personal artifact will be active until 6th January 2014.

Contact your dealer/trader now to order them!

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Forgotten Warriors
White Scorpions

Black Beach
18:21 03/08
Orcish Prison
19:26 03/08
Mutant Farm
18:20 03/08