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The new quests were added in Rainbow Kingdom regions. So, we want to announce the list of new quests:
  • Hemp Field: 5 quests
  • Cows Farm: 4 quest
  • Windmill: 3 quest
  • Brown Mountains: 6 quests
  • Graveyard: 3 quest
  • Church (near the Travelers Well): 3 quest
    Total: 24 new quests.

Until the end of the week will be removed ships and dips in closed areas: Ancient Halls, Pyramid, Outcasts Isle and Robinson Isle. Strongly recommend you to leave these regions.

2014-10-28: Happy Halloween!

Congratulation! Halloween is coming and offering you scary lottery tickets. All the details at the lottery page .

Also, from 29 October to 5 November you can meet skeletons in Seastone, Arkijah, Ruby Fort, Everspring Town and Black Town. Each of them is ready to share a candy (currency) with you. Quest can be repeated. You can buy many useful items for the candies in the store, which located in each of those cities. Scary celebration to you!

31th of October, at 17:00 server time, starts the PVP event "Abattoir" for players 200-299 (1st group), and at 17:30 for 300-360 (2nd group).
Each player will receive 50 teleports to the region (0 weight). Don’t forget to have an empty space in backpack. At the time of the quest, will be no durability loss, but religion exp will be. The region will be closed. In the Scrolls store at the region you can buy recipes for Belts. The required badges for belts will drop from the monsters. Badges can be looted from corpses, the belt cannot. To win you should collect as much belts as you can. The first place gives 250pt, 2nd and 3rd 100pt. Winners will be in each group. Results will announce during the day.

31th of October, at 18:00 starts the great distribution of gifts. All players who will be online in game at that time, will get a Halloween Pumpkin (gloves acc. level). Unique item, with a lot of HP. Also, don’t forget to have an empty space in backpack.

Two Quest Charters can be exchanged for Valor at Arkajah, Agnar's quest "A Just Reward".

As part of the first pack of region quests we add quests in: Town Park (near Seastone), Fishers Seaside, Fishers Village and Hemp Field. In each of these regions are available 4-5 quests. Quest "Inoki’s Stolen Chest” in the Fisher Village can be held after the next restart.

2014-10-24: Locked Areas
Despite of the fact, that closed regions are no longer displayed in the library, we decided to remind them. The full list of locked regions:
  • Forest Spring
  • Old Oak
  • Royal Garden
  • Puppet Theater
  • Lords Pond
  • Magic Barrier
  • Slum
  • Far Outpost
  • Lost Pyramid
  • Ancient Halls
  • Robinson Isle
  • Outcasts isle

By popular demand we are extending the bonuses and 20% discount for vplat to Monday, 27 of October. Have a fun!
  • Damage vs Monsters: x1.5
  • Combat Experience: x2
  • Religion Experience x2
  • Clan experience x2
  • No durability loss in either PVP or PVE
  • Bounty mission rewards: X 2.0 (valid for missions started during event)

Finally, welcome to Zodiac! Stargazer‘s quest "Elemental Unity" is available at Bone Gate region.

2014-10-22: Password Recovery
Password recovery is correctly working now. Also fixed all account operations, including art image changing, upgrades, etc. Special thanks for your tickets and bug reports. We appreciate your help.

21 October, we are celebrating 10 years since the game start. In honor of this, from today until 22 October you can buy Virtual Platinum and Save 20%, and also enjoy our bonuses:
  • Damage vs Monsters: x1.5
  • Combat Experience: x2
  • Religion Experience x2
  • Clan experience x2
  • No durability loss in either PVP or PVE
  • Bounty mission rewards: X 2.0 (valid for missions started during event)

The following quests are available now:
  • ‘Passage to Mythical World’, Northern Dwarf in Northern Colony
  • ‘Way to Atlantis’, Priestess Ellina in Centaur Island
  • ‘Warped Potion’, Priestess Siona in Atlantis
  • ‘Vile Sacrifice’, Muse of War in Altar of Ares

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