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Daily quests: Saloon, Boarding, Pacman, Mice Run, etc. will be held on the new schedule:
  • Tuesday / Friday - 100-199 levels
  • Wednesday / Saturday - 200-299 levels
  • Thursday / Sunday - 300-360 levels

2014-10-13: Quests for Fossil
Quests for mineral extraction are available in Iron Caves region. We have created special NPC for each fossil. Regular fossils drop rate is 25% (100% using "Abundance" effect) and 5 pcs in case of success. When accepting a new quest for extraction the remaining extraction quests will be reset.

2014-10-13: Quest Point Shop
Fixed operations for 300+ players in Quest Point Shop.

2014-10-12: Virtual Platinum
Dear customers, due to the increasing incidence of incorrect use of Virtual Platinum and cases of its non-game related trade methods, we decided to disable the extended use of this currency. However, you can still use Virtual Platinum for any operations with your personal artifacts: create, upgrade, change type, etc.

Quests "Catching Codfish" (set of jigs) are available in the regions: Black Beach and Last Harbor.

Quest "Krakken Ticket" (ticket to Gale Domain) is available in the region Mutant Laboratory.

It's been a while since we had a fun event with bonuses! Don't get bored, here they come! For the next three days only (10, 11 and 12 of October, 2014) enjoy these bonuses:
  • Damage vs Monsters: X 1.5;
  • Combat Experience: X 2.0;
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0;
  • Clan Expreience: X 2.0;
  • No durability loss in either PVP or PVE;
  • Bounty mission rewards: X 2.0 (valid for missions started during event)

Now for virtual platinum you can buy majority of platinum services:
  • Buy a subscription for genetics;
  • Buy scrolls of temporary arts;
  • Buy anything in Platinum Alchemy;
  • Paying for additional backpack and inn space;
  • Paying shop rent;
... and many other platinum services.

Virtual platinum cannot be transferred and used in the exchanger.

WARNING! When selling items back to the store, you will get virtual platinum. No matter for what currency you have bought them.
We remind you that firstly automatically spent the virtual platinum, and then the usual platinum.

2014-10-10: Scrolls
Added new scrolls to create runes and recipes for magic wands, resistance and improvement for staffs. Now you need to put the recipe and item on laboratory’s desktop (instead of rune and item, that was before).

Change Log:
  • Updated map of the City in Clouds;
  • Fixed map bug in Diamond Fever and Pacman quests;
  • Now you can order ‘religion change’ in the Religion Guild window. First change is free;
  • Added new recipes to create wands, modified items etc .;
  • Fixed private shops for the owners;

2014-10-08: Drop rate hotfix
We have found and fixed drop rate bug in middle and high level locations. Thank you for all your tickets and bug reports.

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Forgotten Warriors
White Scorpions

Black Beach
18:21 03/08
Orcish Prison
19:26 03/08
Mutant Farm
18:20 03/08