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2016-12-31: Auto Weekend Bonuses
Now from Friday daily restart until Monday restart, the following bonuses will be ON automatically:
  • Damage vs Monsters X 1.5;
  • Profession Experience: X 1.5;
  • Religion Experience: X 1.5;
In the nearest future, we will also make a proper banner on website to show bonuses and there will be no news about them.

2016-12-27: Personal Bonuses
Do you want more bonuses? Also don’t want wait for weekend? We have included a new bonuses subscription, which will work at any time, regardless of the weekend! These bonuses are not summed up with others. Here, the list of bonuses:
  • Profession EXP x1.5
  • Religion EXP x1.5
  • Combat EXP x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards EXP x1.5
The subscription price for 3 days: 30pt, and 30 days: 150pt.

You have asked a lot of discount extension (+25% of platinum purchases). So, we did that! And now you can get more platinum for purchase until the 3rd of January, 2017! Last chance to buy platinum with great discount!


2016-12-23: Weekend Bonuses
Meet the weekend bonuses! From now until 26th of December (12:00 Server Time) the following bonuses will be ON:
  • Damage vs Monsters X 1.5;
  • Profession Experience: X 1.5;
  • Religion Experience: X 1.5;

  • A clan that comes out of the alliance can not join another ally for a week after leaving;
  • After leaving the ally, members of the clan will not get clan and religion exp for killing their ex-ally members during a week.

2016-12-23: Traps fixes
  • If your enemy has been trapped, you will get a location # where the trap was installed;
  • You can not join the group if you were caught in trap;

2016-12-22: Mirror Dew
The reward for the quest "Mirror Dew" has been redone, now you will be able to obtain a temporary backpack extension (subscription for 2 days).

2016-12-20: Warming Bonuses

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!!

2016-12-20: Siege fixes
  • You can obtain experience from players without restrictions of 60 religion levels during the siege;
  • Now the player protection <60 religion level will work properly during the siege;
  • Now players from different alliances can be in one group during the siege;
  • Fixed a bug when it was possible to get clan exp out of the siege area.

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