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2021-04-03: Happy Easter!

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All users who had a login on EU server since April 2014 and up until March 30, 2021 and would like to preserve the legacy of their characters by transferring them to official Dark Swords servers are eligible to do so and must follow the next instructions.

2021-04-01: Updates
1) Added a new premium service - personal artifacts. These pieces of personalized equipment can be purchased, upgraded and customized, or traded to other fellow players using platinum currency. The artifacts bestow additional parameters that can be assigned according to your needs. Every personal artifact has a certain power level hereafter "coefficient" that can reach up to 2.0 resulting in a 200% boost to normal stats (compare it to the items dropped by monsters that have a maximum coefficient of 1.0).
2) A new version will release during the day that features an option to drink buff potions automatically. Provided free of charge this feature is considered normal gameplay and using it wont result in disciplinary action. We are also introducing an ability to automate walking around pre-set locations (up to 3 rooms), attacking specific monsters and picking up specific items they drop.
3) Elixir of Shiva is now available in exchange for Paladdium. Six-armed Goddess will grant your character the ability to attack up to 6 times per combat round or use up to 6 combat spells during the such. Price: 3 PD.
4) A new item "Useless Shit Invented By Admins" was renamed to "Useful Shit Invented By Admins" and will when used summon an Excremental Demon that has the stats of the Savanahh Genie and will assist your character in combat for 60 minutes or until killed.
5) Players who have purchased 10,000 platinum or more during the last 12 month from a dealer were granted Administrative privileges including invulnerability effects, limitless teleportation (used by double-clicking the rooms on the mini map) and ability to summon other players via commandline. This update requires a new client version to be released during the day.

Happy April Fools!

2021-03-25: Changes on 03/25/2021
1) Fixed fishing in ports with subscription
2) Earthquake Bomb does not put the Knockdown effect on characters under the effect of "Non - intervention Sphere" (solo 1on1)
3) Fixed bugs with the pet "Imp"
4) Fixed many bugs in quest zones
5) Potion of Solitude is now worth 2pd
6) Light Sanctuary х200 appeared in the store and costs 2pd

2021-02-10: Changing recipes
Some recipes have been changed. Details here

2021-02-08: Clickers
Dear players, we remind you that the use of clicker programs, for example, to automatically drink potions, is prohibited by the rules of the game. We are regularly updating our search algorithms for similar programs and our latest iteration of the search algorithm found massive clicker use by players from all active combat alliances. We will be forced to apply penalties to characters who use clickers. Please refrain from using them.

2021-01-27: Quests
Updated and included some quests. You can go through them again. See the full list in this forum thread.

2021-01-25: Antidotes
Warning! Antidotes are now used regardless of whether your character has the Tranquilization effect or not.

  • Recently updated quests have increased rewards. You can execute them again
  • Updated quests that were previously issued in the City in the Clouds (more than 20 quests). Most of them now give Sapphires. You can do them again. Details in this thread on the forum
  • In Ancient China, peaceful zones at the gates and in the 1st court have been removed. Scroll shop moved to Heavenly Office
  • Fixed bug with catching anchors in PVM subscription and with setting traps and mirrors in PVP subscription
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the position in the tournament rating with the same number of TP

2020-12-01: Sapphires and quests
  • Virtual Platinum renamed to Sapphires
  • The quests "Runaway Prisoner", "Components", "Tribes at War", "Feast", "Dragon Tongues", "Kani Miso Shiro", "Hellish Errand", "Poisoned Lover", "Way to Atlantis", "Marids Gift" and "Treasure Hunter" have been reworked and moved to a new map
  • Instead of gold in some of these quests, EXP and Sapphires are added as a reward
  • All players can complete these quests again

More info in this forum post

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