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2021-10-31: Server time
Note: the server is running by Moscow time GMT+3. There is no summer time in Russia, so the server time is shifted one hour ago compared to the summer period. Use the \info command to check the current server time.

2021-10-31: Piñatas
Today and tomorrow, at each server restart, the piñatas will change their location. It will still be only chaos zones all over the world (not only on the continent). We do this so that every player has a chance to find a piñata, not just those who did it on the first day.

  • Sphere Spirit Bottle from the quest has become a transferable potion for the convenience of exchange and sale in private stores
  • Sphere Spirit Bottle has returned to the shops for Mogash Marks. It cost 5 Mogash Marks. These potions are now soulbound.

2021-09-04: Sphere Spirit Bottle
Sorry for the long delay. We decided to restore the functionality of the "Sphere Spirit Bottle" potions. In this case, we do not return the subscription.

  • At the end of the Ancient China zone, peaceful zones have been removed;
  • Regions of Ancient China that had the status of "only religion wars" became "chaos";
  • Disabled subscription to the "Spirit of the Five Spheres" gift (existing subscriptions continue to work);
  • Items "Sphere Spirit Bottle" for Mogash Marks are no longer personal and can be sold to the store at the purchase price
  • The Sphere Spirit Bottle from the quest is temporarily disabled and will be enabled on August 3 with different functionality;
  • Some old promo-codes disabled;

2021-06-22: Promo-codes
From August 1, 2021, promo codes that were issued in mailings in 2019 and began with "PR19" and "BIR19" will stop working. Please activate them in advance. You can get a list of available promo codes using this link

2021-06-18: Customer support
We are reworking the ticket system. While viewing and creating tickets through the client is temporarily unavailable. In the next version of the client we will redirect to the support site, but for now, please use this link

2021-06-15: Discord Server

The official Discord server of the game has opened. Voice chats, chats with auto-translation, music bot, etc. are available on the server. Lets communicate not only in the game :)


2021-05-23: Secret quest
A long secret quest has been added to the game. Only those who are not afraid to get their feet wet can enter the area ;)

2021-05-22: New Quests #2
Small quests have appeared in the Mythical World. Simple quests can be completed in an evening or two if you need Sapphires. Look for quest-giving characters in Ruins of Femiscir and Abandoned Catacombs.

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Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11