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2020-11-02: Updates 11.2.2020
  • Reward in the quest The Secret of Mirror Dew is now 50 Emeralds
  • Super Ability Quests are now available in the Travelers Well
  • In the Temple of All Gods, you can take the quest "Altar Sacrifice"

2020-11-01: Updates 11.1.2020
  • Charons boat is floating again
  • teleport to Hades Kingdom is now functional
  • A shop for Marks of Mogash has appeared
  • Milk Farm Pet Guild is now available
  • Training Dummies have appeared at the Golden Guard camp
  • Location check script for setting up a private store has been updated

  • 2020-10-31: Big Update
    The world of DarkSwords will never be the same again. After the invasion of the hordes of Dagfar warriors, we had to retreat. The ancient Druids were able to open their own portal called the Thunder Gate and the inhabitants of the world rushed there. Not everyone managed to escape, but we, the survivors, went to another world, so similar to ours.
    • Three starting kingdoms have been removed. Instead of them, one kingdom has appeared, which combines all three in spirit, with the main city of New Arkijah.
    • The 4 regions around New Arkijah are as safe as the city. Access to some regions is closed at a minimum level.
    • To the west of the new kingdom is the Moon Empire, except for the Reign of Hades, Tartarus, and the Styx Bank.
    • In the east is the Undeads Village, Copper Rocks, the Millenia Realm (complete) and the Black Realm, which lost the Cursed Castle.
    • In the south, there is a new kingdom "Mythical World" with the Antica Town, five new regions, a remade region where the Centaurs live, as well as the already familiar regions of Atlantis, the Altar of Ares, Reign of Hades, Tartarus and the Styx Bank. The Antica Town is a peaceful city surrounded by chaos regions with wide exit roads from the city.
    • The islands are still closed. Boatl traffic will be partially restored later.
    • Private shops cannot be placed in peaceful regions around New Arkijah, but in the city itself they can be placed in 9 squares called the Market. The rules are the same - no more than 3 stores per location. You can occupy location on a first come, first serve basis - in the order of messages from dealers to the administration. For details, ask with the dealers in the game.
    • Some recipes cannot be crafted due to lack of ingredients. They will be changed later.
    • With six cities remaining, Kingdom Battles are now taking place every day except Monday.
    • Element List in the map window is disabled and will appear in the next version of the client.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    2020-10-24: Server Time
    Note: the server is running by Moscow time GMT+3. There is no summer time in Russia, so the server time is shifted one hour ago compared to the summer period. Use the \info command to check the current server time.

    The supreme fortuneteller of the Temple of Snakes named Vangor predicts that Personal Teleports will stop working around October 15, and orders for installing gear backgrounds, avatars and stickers will not be accepted. We do not know what this is connected do, but we advise you to take his predictions seriously.

    2020-09-24: Religion statuses
    • When a player with a status dies, the status is lowered one stage from the current one;
    • When killing a player with a religion level <65, activity points are given with a 50% chance;
    • When calculating statuses, the players combat level is no longer taken into account;

    2020-09-11: Updates 09/11/2020
    • Now you can change 1000vpt per week for Mogash Marks
    • Added additional quests for the exchange of Codfish for the Improved Jig (watch out for free cells in your inventory and weight when exchanging)
    • Maximum "Outlaw" effect time = 15 minutes
    • Attempts to rob a player with a level <65 religion (active or inactive) will always fail
    • Cannot deport players with religion <65 level (active or inactive)
    • Fixed work of Voodoo Doll

    From this moment, in the store for QP you can buy Emeralds and Rubies. From September 1, the QP shop will be closed, and the remaining QP will be converted into Emeralds.
    On August 25, 2020, the following changes will come:
    • For PVM Events, which are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can get Emeralds in the same quantities as QP before
    • For PVP Events that take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can get Rubies in the same quantities as QP before
    • Mogash Marks can no longer be purchased with gold
    • Mogash Marks now costs 25 Keys of Shackles, Mogashs Chest costs 250 Keys
    • Roulette has been redesigned. List of prizes and odds on the forum in this thread
    • Ruby and Emerald Shops added in Black City (#5520, #5519), Everspring Town (#7135, #7136), City in Clouds (#19963, #19964, Achievement Store #19961), Underground City ( #10154, #10153)
    • Maximum multiplier for gold = x4
    • The main prizes in the quest big hunt are now 25 Achievement Points or 50 Emeralds or 50 Rubies or 60 Virtual Platinum or 10 Mogash Marks

    2020-08-17: Changes on 08/16/2020
    • The third stage of changes by currencies is enabled (see news below)
    • Fishing Pole and Spinning Rod will be added to the Emeralds store in the coming days
    • Quest "The Secret of Mirror Dew" gives 20 Emeralds as a reward
    • A player with the Out of Law effect cannot teleport until the effect ends, but can be deported upon death
    • Traps no longer catches players who are in the same group as the player who set it

    On August 17, 2020, the following changes will come into effect:
    1) A new currency is being introduced - Emeralds
    2) Bulletin Boards will award 1 Emerald for players up to level 200, 2 Emeralds for players up to level 360 and 3 Emeralds for players over level 360.
    3) For killing Mortal Enemies will be given 10 Emerald on weekdays and 30 Emeralds on weekends instead of Valor
    4) Quest Charters will no longer be given for events. Existing Charters can be sold for 12 Emeralds.
    5) Players Valor will be converted to Emeralds at a rate of 1:10, Merit will be converted at a rate of 1:1
    6) Valor Shop and Merit Shop are closed
    7) The shop for Emeralds opens in Arkijah and will contain the following potions:
    • Elixir of Divine Mutation - 50 Emeralds (was 75 Merit/1 Valor)
    • Elixir of Divine Generosity - 50 Emeralds (was 75 Merit/1 Valor)
    • Insurance Contract 24h - 100 Emeralds (now 375 Merit/90 QP)
    • Chisel - 10 Emeralds (was 50 Merit)
    • Crucible Furnace - 15 Emeralds (was 50 Merit/12 QP)
    • Extractor - 15 Emeralds (was 50 Merit/12 QP)
    • Godly Quintessence - 30 Emeralds (was 125 Merit/30 QP)
    • Lifegiving Seed - 50 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
    • Snack for Familiar - 50 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
    • Potion of Divine Reward - 25 Emeralds (was 1 Valor)
    • Fishing Pole - 40 Emeralds (now 24 QP)
    • Spincast Rod - 120 Emeralds (now 72 QP)
    • Horn of Plenty - 50 Emeralds

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    Handlegsman Dungeon
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