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Dear friends, 17 years ago, October 21th, 2004, the first DarkSwords server was opened at Alkar game-platform(Ukraine). From this date we had to consider the beginning of our game history. Congratulate all players with this significant event! We are doing our best for the further game development. Thank you for staying with us. Hope, our work and project will bring you more positive emotions.
  • From October 21-24, get 25% more Platinum & Palladium on any dealer purchase!
  • On October 21-24, you can activate happybirthsday17 promo code with your level 100+ character and get 17 weeks of subscription to 1.0 artifacts and mogash marks depending on the registration date. For each month from the moment of registration, you will receive +20 mogash marks. The longer you stay with us, the more marks you will receive. Thank you for staying with us, friends!
  • The holiday bonuses are ON: x2 Religion EXP, x2 EXP from monsters, x2 profession EXP, x2 Damage to monsters.
  • The birthday cake will be handed out on October 21 at 20:30 server time. All players who will be online at this time will receive a gift: a piece of a birthday cake: an item that gives a gift HP / MP (not included in the limit of spheres, included in the limit of 180%, you cannot hang more than one cake at a time, not soulbound).
  • On October 21th & 24th - all day Dark Soul & Wanted Dead events.
  • On October 22th - all day Dark Soul event.
  • On October 23th - all day Wanted Dead event.
  • During the holiday period, our Judges will return and play Dices and Champions Tournaments at random times;

31% 33% 16% 20%


Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11